Javonni Jenkins and her father Curtis Hardman

A young child was found along with two bodies inside an East Chatham apartment on the city’s Far South Side on Wednesday, December 7, prompting police to launch an immediate investigation. Javonni Jenkins and her father Curtis Hardman were found dead in the apartment.

CPD Deputy Director Ms Ben said during a news conference police were called to an apartment for a welfare check where they found the 27-year-old woman and 79-year-old man dead inside the residence. A 2-year-old boy was found unharmed. The victims were identified as Javonni Jenkins and her father, Curtis Hardman, by family and friends. According to investigators, Jenkins and Hardman sustained fatal gunshot wounds and the toddler was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital for observation.

Javonni Jenkins and Curtis Hardman Age

The age of Curtis Hardman was 79 yeas and the age of Javonni Jenkins is 27 years.


Javonni Jenkins and her father Curtis Hardman were found dead

Jenkins, who worked as a medical assistant at Holy Cross Hospital, did not report to work on —. When her co-workers tried to call her, Jenkins’ 2-year-old son, CJ, took her phone, they told Abc7. “Nobody was answering, so the baby finally answered. We tried FaceTime again to see if she would answer, and she answered,” said Viviana, one of Jenkins’ co-workers. Colleagues had the boy on FaceTime for several hours. “All we could see was his face up, so the ceiling most of the time. He was walking around and they didn’t hear any adults in the background,” said another colleague.

“The whole time I had the baby on the phone, he was very happy, playing with his toys,” said Nicole Worth, another Jenkins co-worker. “Once I had that baby on the phone and after a certain amount of time without the parents calling the baby, you don’t hear that, there’s something wrong.” Her co-workers reportedly became concerned and called the police for a welfare check. It was then that the police discovered her mother and grandfather dead.

“That girl had a heart of gold,” Worth told CBS. “She wore her heart on her sleeve. She had a smile that would light up a room. You never saw her down. You knew when something was bothering her, but she didn’t talk about it much, but she just brushed it off.” far.”


Germaine Owens, a cousin, said Jenkins was raised alone by her father. “Curtis, a loving father,” Owens said. “Javonni’s mom passed away when she was little, so Curtis raised her and they had a great bond.” And Jenkins had now been raising her own child. “[Jenkins] was raising her child, doing good for herself, and for someone to take her life like she was trash, you have to be some kind of monster,” Owens said.

Enkins’ co-workers were somewhat relieved that Jenkins’ son was safe, but no one could overlook the tragedy that befell him. “To be taken away from her child, that’s all that baby knows,” Owens said. “That’s all she knows.”

According to Chicago police, this was an isolated incident and there is no danger to the public.


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