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A thug who killed an innocent beautician after opening fire at a crowded beer garden on Christmas Eve as part of a gang dispute faces decades in jail after being convicted today of her murder. Elle Edwards, 26, was shot twice in the head after Connor Chapman, 22, wearing a balaclava, attacked a crowd outside The Lighthouse pub, Wallasey, Wirral.

There were cries of ‘yes’ from Ms Edwards’ family as Chapman was found guilty by a jury of seven women and five men after three hours of deliberations.

Tragically, Ms Edwards died after opting to go out for a cigarette just before midnight with five other men, two of whom, Kieran Salkeld and Jake Duffy, were Chapman’s “intended targets”, prosecutor Nigel Power said. , K.C. The drug dealer and father of two Chapmans, who faces a mandatory life sentence, had been hanging around outside the pub, waiting for the couple for almost three hours.


The judge, Mr Justice Goose, condemned the “shocking violence” in the case and adjourned sentencing until Friday morning. The trial of Chapman, charged with the murder of Miss Edwards, and an accomplice, Thomas Waring, took place over just under three weeks at Liverpool Crown Court.

Connor Chapman Age

The age of Connor Chapman is 23 year.

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Connor Chapman accused of killing a woman

CCTV footage from December 24 last was played to jurors showing the gunman, identified as Chapman by Mr Power, crawling and then running from a corner outside The Lighthouse brandishing the weapon. Shots were heard and a man fell to the ground followed by Miss Edwards. The other four men were also injured. Opening the case last month, Mr Power said: “Elle Edwards was out with her friends on what was supposed to be a nice night out.”


The intended targets (of Chapman) were Jake Duffy and Kieran Salkeld. Although they were wounded, Elle Edwards, a completely innocent bystander, was killed by two bullets that entered the back and left side of her head. “The gunman was using a Skorpion submachine gun, a Czech firearm designed for security services and the military.”

Mr Power said the fatal shooting was “the culmination of an ongoing dispute involving people from the Wirral’s Woodchurch and Ford estates.” The court heard that Duffy, 22, and Salkeld, 28, had carried out a “vicious attack” on another man, Sam Searson, the previous day.

There were also two shootings involving a Glock pistol, while jurors heard that Chapman was subject to gang warrants restricting his movement. The court heard that Chapman, who had been ‘covering’ The Lighthouse for three hours, fled in a stolen Mercedes A-Class car and headed for the home of his ‘friend of his’, Thomas Waring, then 20.


Chapman stayed there for four hours before taking a taxi back to his home on the Woodchurch estate, Birkenhead, it was claimed. The Mercedes remained parked near Waring’s home in Barnston, Wirral, until December 31, when it was driven to an isolated site in Frodsham, Cheshire, and burned, jury was told.

The court heard that the car allegedly used by Chapman, stolen from Chorley, Lancashire, last September, contained a SIM card that allowed his movements to be tracked. These were “correlated” to the location of a phone owned by Chapman between September and December 25, Power said. The Mercedes had been parked near Chapman’s house before being driven to the Lighthouse pub.

A CCTV camera showed a figure “appearing to crouch” as he made his way from Chapman’s home to the vehicle for the short journey. “Who was it that came out of Connor Chapman’s house, got into the stolen car that Connor Chapman had been driving for three months and drove to the scene of the murder?” Mr Power asked.


Before the Mercedes left at 8:45 p.m. m., the court heard that Chapman had received a “flurry of calls” on his cell phone. He left his phone at home before driving from Woodchurch to Wallasey, the court was told. The car was then seen in “a variety of positions” around The Lighthouse, moving into a space with plenty of room for a quick getaway, Power said.

Phone data from days later also located Chapman and Waring in the area where the car burned down on Dec. 31, Power said. DNA partially matching Chapman’s was found in a bullet casing at the scene of the shooting, but the Skorpion was never recovered, he added.

The court heard that one of Chapman’s friends booked him on a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, but the alleged killer later canceled the booking after realizing police were looking for him. Instead, he and his girlfriend stopped using their primary phones and booked a romantic “prosecco and petals” stay in Wales, where he was arrested days later, Power said.


Chapman, with his hair in a ‘man’s bun’, was convicted of murdering Miss Edwards, attempting to murder Duffy and Salkeld and intentionally wounding Harry Loughran, Nicholas Speed and Liam Carr; the other men fired and were wounded. He was also convicted of possession of a firearm and ammunition with the intent to endanger life. Waring also faces a long run after he was found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon and aiding a felon. Both denied all charges.Read More……..

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