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The accused Capitol Hill rioter who was arrested with a terrifying arsenal of weapons near Barack Obama’s home got the address after the former president’s successor, Donald Trump, shared it online, according to a court filing. Federal prosecutors highlighted the apparent link Wednesday as they pushed for homeless suspect Taylor Taranto, 37, to remain in custody until trial.

“On June 29, 2023, former President Donald Trump posted what he claimed to be the address of former President Barack Obama on the social media platform Truth Social,” the document says.

He did not elaborate on the post, which was a repeat of a 2017 article that is still linked to on Trump’s social media page early Thursday. Taranto then “used his own Truth Social account to republish the address,” the court document said. fixed. “On Telegram, Taranto later declared: ‘We have these losers surrounded! See you in hell,” as he mentioned the Obamas and former adviser John Podesta.


Taylor Taranto Age

The age of Taylor Taranto is 37 year.

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Charges on Taylor Taranto

Shortly after that post, Taranto began “livestreaming from his truck” while “driving through the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C.”, the document said, noting that it was a neighborhood with “restricted areas that are heavily protected by the United States Secret Service”. Once out of the van, “Taranto’s continuing narrative made it clear that he intended to access or enter the private residences of his subjects,” the file stated.

He also “made additional troubling statements,” prosecutors said, and was quoted as bragging about plans for him to “receive the vaccine.”


Let’s see what we can get, as an opportunity. If I were them, I would be watching this, watching my every move,” he said, according to the document. Uniformed Secret Service agents immediately began monitoring him, arresting him as he attempted to flee, according to the report. It was not immediately clear if the Obamas were home at the time.

Agents then found the suspect’s Chevrolet truck, which he appeared to be living in, parked nearby, with two handguns, 400 rounds of ammunition, and a machete all inside. At least 18 other firearms registered to his name have yet to be found. “Relevant evidence of Taranto’s involvement in the January 6 breach of the Capitol was also recovered,” prosecutors said, “including a hat identical to the one” he was filmed wearing at the entrance.

He had been one of the rioters near Ashli Babbitt when she was shot dead, and one of them was seen fighting with police, according to the file. As a result, the FBI was already monitoring his online activity and had issued an arrest warrant just hours before Taranto was arrested near Obama’s home, the document states.


That was for a live broadcast a day earlier in which he threatened to blow up the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, as well as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Taranto stated that he was “just going in one direction for this mission, to hell,” the filing alleged. Taranto has yet to plead guilty in court. A Taranto attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.Read More……

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