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A nursing student was kidnapped by her dumped ex-boyfriend and buried alive in Australia’s Flinders Ranges in a gruesome act of revenge, a court has heard. Jasmeen Kaur, 21, from Adelaide, was murdered by Tarikjot Singh in March 2021.

Singh pleaded guilty to murder, but gruesome new details of his crime came to light during sentencing presentations in the High Court on Wednesday. Jasmeen was abducted from her workplace on March 5 and she drove more than 400 miles bound with zip ties in the trunk of a car Singh had lent her roommate.

Jasmeen Kaur Age

The age of Jasmeen Kaur was 21 year.


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Jasmeen Kaur cause of death

Singh then made “shallow” cuts to Jasmeen’s throat and buried her in a shallow grave. The injuries to her neck were not enough to kill her, she was aware of her surroundings when she died sometime on March 6th. Prosecutor Carmen Matteo said the murder “was not efficient” and that Jasmeen “was made to suffer.”

She had to have been consciously suffering from what could only be described as the utter terror of breathing and swallowing dirt and dying that way,” Ms Matteo said. Kaur’s family, including her mother, were in court to hear the sentencing presentations.

Jasmeen was killed a month after reporting Singh to the police for harassment. The court heard that Singh planned the murder because he could not get over the breakup in their relationship. “The way Ms. Kaur was killed really involved an unusual level of cruelty,” Ms. Matteo said.


“It is not known when her throat was slit, it is not known when or how she entered or was placed in that burial tomb and it is not known when it was dug, other than the prosecution says it must have been while she was still alive. and in preparation for her burial.

“[It was] a murder that was committed as an act of revenge or as an act of revenge.” The court heard how Singh wrote several messages to Jasmeen in the lead up to her death that she never finished sending. One said: “Your bad luck that I’m still alive, cheap, wait and see, you’ll get the answer, each and everyone will get the answer.”

Singh initially denied the murder, saying that Jasmeen had committed suicide and that she had buried her body. He led officers to her burial site where they found Jasmeen’s shoes, glasses and work ID badge in a dumpster, along with coiled cable ties. Singh was told in court that he will be jailed for life.Read More…….


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