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A fearless 15-year-old whose foot was bitten by a shark while surfing on Long Island said Tuesday the attack won’t stop him from getting back on his board. “[I’m] very excited to be back and start shredding again,” North Babylon’s Peter Banculli told Long Island’s News 12.

Banculli was riding the waves with a friend near Fire Island around 5:30 p.m. Monday, when the man-eater bit his left heel and toes, prompting him to row his life out to shore, he said. “My first reaction when the shark grabbed my foot was to immediately get out of the water…and get help,” he told the station.

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The age of Peter Banculli is 15 year.


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Banculli’s friend Joe and a good Samaritan helped him until lifeguards arrived at Kismet Beach and rushed him to a hospital emergency room, he said. “At first I didn’t believe it and then my reaction was pure panic,” his mother, Kelly, told the station. “I needed to get to him right away.” “I’m so proud of him and he’s super brave,” she added.

Banculli, who has been using a knee scooter to get around with his injured foot, said he plans to get back to surfing as soon as he recovers as he takes a closer look at what might be lurking below the surface.

He’s thankful that his injury wasn’t more twisted. “Thank you to the good Samaritans on the beach who helped me, thank you to all the people in the hospital and the ER for me, yes, the lifeguards, my mom, my dad, thank you,” she said.


A total of 15 members of the Saltaire ambulance department helped treat and transport Banculli to the hospital, Newsday reported. On Monday, a teenage girl was also possibly attacked by a shark in the waters of Robert Moses State Park, about three miles from Kismet Beach, according to officials and a report.

Last July, more than half a dozen people were bitten by sharks on Long Island in just three weeks, including surfers. One of the victims, 16-year-old Max Haynes, was bitten on the foot, describing the sensation as “like a bear trap”. He sustained a four-inch gash to his right foot.Read More…….

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