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The daughter of two retirees allegedly murdered them both using her own insulin, a court has heard. Brenda Anderson died in hospital in March of last year and her husband Lynton died a year later. Her daughter Raelene Polymiadis, 62, of Craigmore, Adelaide, has been charged with her murders.

Prosecutors told Adelaide Magistrates Court on Wednesday that Polymiadis used her own insulin to poison her mother and then administered a fatal dose as she began to recover.

Raelene Polymiadis Age

The age of Raelene Polymiadis is 62 year.


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Raelene Polymiadis accused of killing parents

The court heard how she tried the same tactic 12 months later on her father when she tried to make her death look like a suicide, The Advertiser reports. Michael Foundas, prosecutor, said: “Neither Ms. nor Mr. Anderson were diabetics, neither required insulin, and the defendant was the only member of his family who was diabetic.”

The court heard how Mr. Anderson was found unconscious in his home on April 30 with oxazepam tablets “strewn about”. Foundas said an autopsy revealed that the levels of oxazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, in Mr Anderson’s system were not high enough to kill him.

A postmortem examination revealed two drugs in his system: insufficient oxazepam to have caused his death and insulin toxicity which resulted in his death,” he said. “The scattered tablets were, we allege, an attempt to make this look like a suicide when, in fact, what killed Mr. Anderson was an overdose of insulin.”


“Further investigations of Ms. Polymiadis’s phone have revealed that, the day before she was found, she had Googled the effects of oxazepam.” Polymiadis has yet to plead guilty to her charges. She has been taken into custody until another court hearing on Thursday.Read More…….

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