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An NHS nurse who engaged in a sexual relationship with a patient failed to call an ambulance when he died in the back of his car with his pants down during a secret date night, a disciplinary committee has heard. Penelope Williams had been in a year-long relationship with the dialysis patient when she suffered heart failure while they were in a hospital parking lot together.

Ms Williams, who had concealed her relationship from her managers, did not call 999 and instead called a colleague who introduced himself and performed CPR, the panel heard. Now, the nurse has been shunned by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, who warned that she had “brought the nursing profession into disrepute.”

The panel heard that Ms Williams started working for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Board of Health in North Wales as a registered nurse in a renal haemodialysis unit in October 2019. Her patient, known only as Patient A, was a regular on the unit. Ms. Williams and Patient A began a sexual relationship in January 2021 and she did not tell the bosses, she told the panel.


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In January of the following year, a colleague, known only as Colleague One, received a phone call from Ms Williams that she was “crying and distraught” and calling for help because “someone had died,” the committee heard. The colleague told her to call an ambulance, but Ms Williams did not, the panel was told.

The colleague later arrived at the student nursing car park at the Spire private hospital in Wrexham, where she met Ms Williams and was able to see Patient A in the back of a car with her “pants down”, she was told. committee.


Colleague One went to check on the unresponsive Patient A, so he called 999 and asked for the police and an ambulance before beginning CPR, the panel heard. She died of “heart failure and chronic kidney disease caused by a medical episode,” the committee was told.

Ms Williams initially told police that Patient A had sent her a message on Facebook explaining that she was unwell, so she “came to meet him”. But she later admitted that she and Patient A had a sexual relationship and she said that they had previously arranged to meet in the parking lot that night, she heard the panel.

During a formal meeting with managers, Ms. Williams claimed that she met with Patient A and “sat in the back of his car for about 30-45 minutes just to talk.” “Ms. Williams denied any sexual relationship. She further explained that patient A began to moan and died suddenly,” the committee said.


The board of health held a disciplinary hearing in May 2022 and Ms. Williams admitted to having an intimate relationship with Patient A that she did not disclose to her employer. The Board of Health panel expressed concern that “Ms. Williams failed to call an ambulance after Patient A collapsed, even when advised to do so by Colleague One” and dismissed her.

The committee concluded that the nurse’s behavior violated guidance on clear sexual boundaries and removed her from the registry. The panel said: “Ms Williams has acted to put patients at risk of harm by failing to contact emergency services when the patient became ill and when requested to do so by her colleague.

“Ms. Williams has brought the nursing profession into disrepute and violated one of the profession’s founding tenets by engaging in an intimate relationship with a patient in violation of clear sexual boundary guidance.“Read More…….


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