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A New Hampshire man has been charged with murder after his 7-year-old son died of severe burns that the father allegedly inflicted on him as a disciplinary measure. Murtadah Mohammad, 25, has been charged with the second-degree murder of his son Jaevion Riley months after his tragic death on January 24, Manchester police announced Monday.

Mohammad had already been jailed on charges of assault, endangering the welfare of a child and falsifying physical evidence for the same case. But those charges, which are currently being handled by the Hillsborough County Prosecutor’s Office, are expected to be dropped, and the murder charge will be prosecuted by the state Attorney General’s office, authorities said.

When police were called to a Manchester apartment on January 17, they found the boy badly burned to his face and body, unconscious and not breathing, according to a report from NBC Boston. Jaevion would remain in a coma for a week in a Massachusetts hospital before dying.


Murtadah Mohammad Age

The age of Murtadah Mohammad is 25 year.

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Murtadah Mohammad killed his son

The father, who was arrested two days later on January 19, initially claimed he did not see his son get hurt because the boy had been in the shower at the time, but investigators found no sign that the shower had recently been turned on. . .

After other inconsistencies in Mohammad’s story, he finally admitted to police that he disciplined the boy with hot water and physical force, the outlet reported, citing the father’s affidavit. The boy’s mother, Rainah Riley, told the news site in January: “This man was trying to kill my son.”


The mother said her son’s injuries appeared to be “from boiling water or oil,” or that the child may have been “set on fire.” She said one of the boy’s teeth had been knocked out and he had a head injury. “It’s absolutely appalling, it’s horrible and disgusting to watch,” the mother said. “It makes me physically sick to look at my own son because of what this man did to him.”

Mohammad “recklessly caused the death” of Jaevion “in circumstances that manifested an extreme disregard for the value of his life by subjecting him to abusive violence and failing to obtain timely medical attention for his injuries,” Manchester police wrote on Monday. .

Mohammad had only gained joint custody of Jaevion a few months before the death and Riley had reported signs of abuse, including bruising, to child services. But Riley said the agency did not intervene. “The system has failed not only my son, but many children,” the mother said. “And something has to be done, because this is not right. It’s not. Like, when is enough?. Read More………


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