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Police identified the suspected gunman in the Philadelphia mass shooting that left five men dead and two children wounded as 40-year-old Kimbrady Carriker. Carriker of Philadelphia was arrested shortly after the killing spree on the eve of the Fourth of July holiday in Philadelphia’s Kingsessing neighborhood, police said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Five men between the ages of 16 and 59 died in the shooting. The fifth victim was not found until four hours later, when an unidentified man returned to his home to find his 31-year-old son dead in the living room, her body riddled with gunshot wounds.

So far the motive for the shooting is unknown. It is unclear if any of the victims are connected or if there is any link between them and the suspect. Families had been enjoying the festivities in the neighborhood when the gunman wielding an AR-style rifle and pistol opened fire on his unsuspecting victims.


Kimbrady Carriker Age

The age o Kimbrady Carriker is 40 year.

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Kimbrady CarrikerĀ  suspected in Philadelphia mass shooting

Security camera video shows the shooter walking calmly down the street as he fired at people before responding officers gave chase as he continued to fire. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at a news conference overnight that she did not know if the suspect was shooting with his rifle or a handgun as the officers gave chase, but she confirmed that he was ” actively shooting”.

Philadelphia police were dispatched to 56th Street and Chester Avenue around 8:30 p.m. Monday night where they found several victims. Officers then heard multiple shots further up Kingsessing Avenue, where they found “multiple casings.” Troopers moved further down the street before hearing more gunshots in the area of the 1800 block of Frazier Street.


Officers were then able to apprehend the suspect in the back alley of the 1600 block of Frazier Street and discovered that he was armed with the rifle, pistol, several magazines and a police scanner. The police did not fire any shots.

‘Thank God our officers responded as quickly as they did. I can’t even describe the level of bravery and courage that was shown,” Outlaw said. A second person who police believe “took the gun and returned fire in the direction of the shooter” was also in custody, Outlaw said, but she didn’t know if there was a connection between that person and the mass shooter.

Authorities had described the scene as covering an area of two by four blocks and said around 50 spent bullet casings were found.


Outlaw told a news conference that all the victims of the mass shooting were male, including the 2-year-old and the 13-year-old. The FBI defines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people are killed with a weapon. The total number of victims rose overnight with police saying a fifth male victim was found four hours after the shooting when a man returned home to find his 31-year-old son dead in the living room with multiple bullet wounds.

“We believe that because of where he was found and where his home is on 56th Street, and the fact that we found ballistic evidence that matches ballistic evidence that we found on the street a few hours earlier, we believe this homicide is related,” he said. Philadelphia. Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said. Philadelphia’s violence is the nation’s 29th mass murder in 2023, the highest on record for this time of year. And the neighborhood is becoming increasingly dangerous, say the locals.Read More……..

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