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Former employees at Gravity Payments, which was previously run by Dan Price, have shared some disturbing details about the 38-year-old former chief executive. They said Price exhibited inappropriate behavior on multiple occasions.

While one of them narrated saying, “He wants them to adore him or if they don’t adore him, he wants them to be afraid to do nothing about it.”

A total of 40 former employees shared their experiences with The Seattle Times, describing how the work environment at Gravity had a negative impact on their mental or emotional well-being.


Caitlin Palfenier, a former Gravity recruiter, said: “You see Dan on the news where he’s very charming and polished and then you hear these behind-the-scenes stories. He wants them to adore him or, if they don’t adore him, he wants them to be scared enough not to do anything about it.”

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The age of Dan Price is 38 years.

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alfenier, who was 24 at the time, further said: “We were all told we were part of something special. You have a shared experience. We broke down in front of each other. We got very emotional and vulnerable and we bonded.”

It’s a bond from a life trauma, and now we’re all together.” Ylan Muller was 22 when he took a $13-an-hour job with the company. This was followed by Gravity increasing its minimum salary to $70,000.


Muller, whose salary nearly tripled and continued to work for five years with the company, said: “I felt very indebted to the company from then on. Funny to believe that you are not worth more is that you do not try to look for more”.

Yuri Prater, who before starting Gravity, worked between the Geek Squad and a 401(k) management company. Gravity paid more than the jobs combined.

“I think Dan, and Gravity, do this on purpose. They find people who know this money is going to change their lives … because they know the chances of these people leaving are very small,” he said.


Stephanie Brooks, who worked in the human resources department, said a supervisor asked her to pick up a bag of trash left over from a yacht party Price attended.

According to one of the employees, Price compared himself to a Jew persecuted by the Nazis after his co-workers refused to help him cut the fishing nets, an idea he had presented as a symbol of Gravity removing bureaucracy in credit card processing.

Jen Peck, a former engineering director, said Gravity’s attempts to design new products and services failed, The Seattle Times reports. Peck also recalled an incident in which Price walked into the center of the office, an open floor plan, and announced that he was going to shoot himself.


Price, who was crowned Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur magazine in 2014, made headlines in April 2015 when he cut his own salary to raise the minimum wage for his 100-person staff.

He resigned after misconduct allegations and lesser criminal charges for assaulting a woman when he tried to kiss her in her car and then grabbed her throat when she pushed him away, GeekWire reports.Read More….

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