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An Alaska man was recently convicted for his part in the murder of another man found inside a dumpster in a garage last year. Daniel Alex Rocero, 46, was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder, one count of manslaughter and one count of tampering with physical evidence for killing 27-year-old Keenan Wegener and concealing his body, police announced. on Wednesday.

Wegener was a member of the libertarian service organization Students for Liberty while attending George Washington University. His comrades remembered him as “the friendliest person you’ve ever met” and a “very outgoing guy.”

“I remember being stuck in an airport after a retreat, joking and hanging out with him and some Floridians as we all got ready to go home. It was his last retirement with SFL because he would be graduating in 2018. But I always thought I would see him and some of the other Alaskans one day, though I had my doubts about his insistence that Kenai was the best part of Alaska. Keenan was a great personality who will always be missed,” reads a eulogy on the group’s website. “While in the SFL, Keenan’s kindness was reflected in his actions. He has always been interested in demonstrating the power of volunteerism in caring for our local communities. Thanks to his enthusiasm and efforts, SFL would go on to host a Day of Service, in which 10 North American cities would provide hundreds of homeless people with food and clothing.”


Daniel Alex Rocero Age

The age of Daniel Alex Rocero is 46 years.

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Daniel Alex Rocero accused of killing a man

Wegener’s obituary remembers him as a man with deep roots in his native Alaska and, later, Virginia, after moving to school. At the time of his death, the victim in the case was wearing an ankle monitor as part of his bail conditions after he was charged with robbery, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Two officers from the Pretrial Enforcement Division contacted the Anchorage Police Department on March 20, 2022, requesting assistance in locating Wegener because his ankle monitor had not moved for two days, a statement says. arrest juror. From the beginning, one of the PED officers feared the worst, as he had had clients in the past whose ankle monitors would also not move for days, only to later find them “deceased from a medical emergency,” the affidavit says.


After pinging the ankle monitor and listening to the device, officers spoke with the residence’s owner and explained the situation, the affidavit says. Another woman at the residence told police to “get a warrant,” but the property owner “told officers that there was a rear interior stairwell that they could use to access the basement area of the home.” according to the court document.

After going through the residence, police found the garage, which was blocked by a tool box, the affidavit says. After removing the toolbox, they entered the garage and noticed a white sheet covering “a portion of the garage that blocked the view of that area.” Wegener’s body was behind the sheet, “in a large bag on the floor,” and had “blood and injuries to the facial area.”

In a resulting investigation, the property owner told police that two days earlier, a man named Happy and another man named Adam Pringle had confronted the victim about an incident, according to the affidavit. The woman said the three went downstairs, “and she heard loud screaming and arguing, and she hit the wall to shut them up,” the document says.


At some point, the woman told police that Pringle and Happy came upstairs. The two men were arguing over what to do with the victim of the violence, she said. Pringle allegedly said that he knocked out Wegener and asked the woman to provide medical assistance because she is a nurse. Happy allegedly said that Wegener was not breathing and said that they should call 911. Pringle then allegedly responded and said that Wegener was breathing and that he would be “fine.”

Apparently no option was taken. The woman said that she didn’t even go downstairs. In telling this story to police, she “expressed extreme fear” to Happy and Pringle, the affidavit says, “indicating that she feared for her life if they found out she was talking to police.”

The man known as “Happy” turned out to be Rocero, whom the nurse later chose from a series of photos. Both men were charged in Wegener’s death on March 31, 2022. Pringle’s trial on the same charges is ongoing, authorities said. Rocero’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 21 before Anchorage Superior Court Judge Peter Ramgren. He faces a minimum sentence of 15 years.Read More…….


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