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A man suspected of murdering his own mother was allegedly caught with literal blood on his hands. Darren Keith Pouncey, 34, is accused of killing his mother, Christina Ruth Diorio, 58. Police say Pouncey had bloody hands when he was taken away. custody on December 31, 2022.

“Pouncey’s hands were bleeding and swollen,” a Martin County, Florida, deputy sheriff wrote in a field case report after responding to a call to Pouncey’s home around 8:45 a.m. of that day.

“I noticed drops of blood on the screen porch concert floor. There were blood stains on the vertical blinds and on the door handles. I noticed damage to the drywall near the master bedroom light switches where it appeared they were drilled. I noticed that the bedroom door had a crack towards the bottom half.”


According to Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Diorio sustained blunt-impact injuries to the head, torso and extremities. He, too, reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Darren Pouncey Age

The age of Darren Pouncey is 34 years.

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Darren Pouncey who allegedly murdered his mother

Martin County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Christine C. Weiss told Law&Crime that Diorio was Pouncey’s mother. Authorities said a neighbor was the one who alerted police.

According to the partially redacted arrest affidavit, her neighbor, Wendy McClelland, told investigators that she had received a text from her neighbor around 11:15 p.m. on Friday, December 30, 2022.


“I need your help,” the text message read, according to the affidavit. McClelland apparently did not see the message that night. “She did not review this message last night,” authorities wrote. “She believed she heard the voice of a man arguing the night before at the [victim’s] neighbor’s house.”

McClelland woke up Saturday morning and sent the victim a text message, asking if she was okay and urging her to call him back, but she got no response, authorities said. She called out to her, but there was no answer.

“She went to the [redacted] residence, she opened the exterior door of the master bedroom and entered the bedroom,” the arrest affidavit read. “Once in the bedroom, he found [deleted] on the floor and noted that the left side of his face was ‘bloody and messy.’ He touched his [deleted] stomach on a blanket covering it and realized that [deleted] removed] was deceased.”


The neighbor’s husband apparently got involved and talked to Pouncey, deputies said. “Pouncey told him, Pouncey wanted a gun,” the documents said. “[The neighbor] told Pouncey, ‘It’s not worth it.’ She noted that Pouncey had a cut on his right hand and blood on his left hand. She also noted that it looked like Pouncey had taken a shower.”

Investigators said they searched another room where they found Pouncey’s wallet. They also discovered a notebook, they said. Here is the alleged statement in the notebook, as written on the arrest affidavit: Investigators said they learned that Diorio expressed concern from her a year ago that Pouncey was going to kill her.

His son accused of her, while handcuffed in the interrogation room, initially refused to speak to detectives, according to the documents. He allegedly seemed unable to speak without his dentures, although he previously spoke to detectives without his dentures. Investigators said they offered to get his dentures so he could speak.


“The suspect’s reaction was to raise his hands, make a fist and extend the middle finger towards the sergeant. Dulac and I,” authorities said. “At this point, I could see that the suspect’s hands were bloody and red.”

Pouncey allegedly told investigators that he did not remember anything from the night before. He eventually said he had gone out to dinner the night before and believed he had a drink with his meal, agents said. He is accused of murder, dangerous and depraved without premeditation.Read More….

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