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MISSISSIPPI: Denise Frazier, the Mississippi woman who was arrested earlier this week for filming herself having sex with a dog and sharing the videos on social media, claimed she was “threatened to do so,” an arrest affidavit obtained by The Laurel Leader Call read. The 19-year-old told police that she was allegedly forced to do so by people who paid her to make pornographic videos, according to court documents cited by the publication.

The affidavit also noted that the woman herself discussed having sex with a German shepherd in the clip that was posted to Snapchat prior to her arrest. “Frazier admitted that she was the one in the video, but she claimed that she was forced to do it,” the document said. “There is no evidence of that claim, but we are looking into it,” added Sgt. JD Carter of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department while speaking to the local media.

Denise Frazier Age

The age of Denise Frazier is 19 years.


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Denise Frazier accused sex with male dog

Police reportedly saw two men at the Myrick home where Frazier was arrested, but it was not known if they were involved in the case, the New York Post reported. Officials shared that during her arrest, the woman said that people pay her to act in videos. However, she alleged that the sex with the male “service dog” was against her will, the publication mentioned.

Jones County Sheriff’s Department Investigating Sergeant JD Carter said deputies are in the first phase of investigating Frazier’s case. “So right now, we’re still in that early phase, right after the first part. But we are still going to look into it to see if there are more,” he told WLBT. “We have never dealt with this particular type of case before. There really are no true words to describe it other than disgusting,” the officer added.

Sergeant Carter also revealed that law enforcement authorities plan to investigate whether the 19-year-old was coerced into making the disturbing video of the dog. He added that the footage was created in February in Myrick and speculated that more videos may have been created in other countries. Frazier appeared in court on Thursday, April 6, 2023, and the judge set her bond at $25,000 in addition to ordering her to stay away from the animals, WDAM 7 reported. The dogs at the residence were also seized and taken to an animal hospital. , according to the New York Post.


On Wednesday, April 5, Frazier was arrested for allegedly having sex with a dog on camera and posting “extremely graphic” videos on social media. She was charged with unnatural sexual intercourse and aggravated cruelty to an animal, according to WDAM 7.

In my 17 years in law enforcement, this is one of the most disturbing cases I have ever investigated,” Sgt. JD Carter told the outlet. “JCSD is in possession of several videos that are so graphic that we are not at liberty to post or even discuss the particular content. The investigation of this case is far from over,” he added at the time.Read More…….

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