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A 14-year-old Texas girl mistakenly shot and killed an 11-year-old boy named D’evan McFall after he got into a fight with another girl. The Texas girl, whose identity has been withheld, was charged with murder after it was discovered that McFall had sadly died of her injuries.

On Sunday, January 15 at around 2 pm, police were called to the Cedar Crest neighborhood of Dallas in response to reports of a shooting at the Southern Oaks apartments. Sgt. Warren Mitchell of the Dallas Police Department stated that they learned that two girls were fighting in the parking lot when one of them, a 14-year-old, “retrieved a gun and fired in the direction of the woman she was fighting with.” “. She accidentally shot McFall, who was sent to the hospital but later died of his injuries. The 14-year-old tried to flee to a nearby housing complex, but was caught after he was observed escaping, according to ABC News. She is currently being held at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center after being charged with the murder.

Mitchell stated, “This is a horrific incident” and claimed that the murder weapon had been found and that homicide detectives were questioning witnesses. He also claimed there was no evidence of gang activity and instead “a dispute between two minors that led to a deadly outcome” developed.


D’evan McFall age

The age of D’evan McFall is 11 years.

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D’evan McFall Texas girl mistakenly shot and killed

On Monday, January 16, friends and family of the victim visited the site of the tragedy to commemorate McFall. Vashunte Settles, his mother, stated: “He was naturally athletic, very talented. He loved to make people smile. He was a good kid,” as reported by NBCDFW.

The families stated that they had been told not to discuss the girls or their relationship with the victim, as they were all minors and the criminal case would be tried in a juvenile court, where the names are kept confidential. They said that the three of them were close, so what happened is just horrible.


A representative for the family, Bishop Reshunn Chambers, stated: “We need to let the world know there is a better way.” Aiesha Oliver, a neighbor, said the minor should not have had access to a weapon and the incident should not have happened.

Oliver said, “For the gun to be so visible and open where she grabbed it and even came into play, I mean it’s horrible, you know? If you had it in your car, why not lock it up?” The victim’s mother reported that the relatives spoke on Monday, January 16, to express her pain. “It’s not worth it. We need to talk to our children. Violence is not the answer,” Settles said.Read More…..

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