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A new 10-part podcast examines the case of a young black mother who claimed she shot and killed her allegedly abusive white boyfriend in self-defense, and the justice system that sent her to prison. Lemonada Media’s Blind Plea premieres May 17 and streams wherever podcasts are available. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Flock, she takes listeners inside the case of Deven Grey , a 25-year-old mother who fatally shot her boyfriend, John Vance.

Deven Grey Age

The age of Deven Grey is 25 years.

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Deven Grey shot and killed boy friend

After the December 12, 2017 shooting, Gray called 911 from the couple’s rural mobile home in Shelby County, Alabama. “My boyfriend and I were fighting and I shot him and I think he’s dead,” Gray said in the 911 call heard in the Blind Plea trailer.


During the investigation, Gray told investigators that Vance, 31, was extremely violent throughout their relationship and that she had “tried to call the police multiple times” and “was beaten every time,” she was told. heard say. “I saw the gun and I saw him. And I thought, ‘I’ve had enough of this,'” Gray said in the trailer.

Although she was initially charged with murder, Gray subsequently pleaded blindly, a guilty plea with no agreed sentence, to manslaughter. She was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison.

According to the podcast’s press release, Gray is a “black woman who shot and killed a white man in Alabama” who “did the only thing she could: she pleaded guilty. Deven’s sentence became the final link in a chain of deceit”. , haunted land, generational trauma, false identity, a deadly love triangle, and a broken justice system.”


Jail records indicate that Gray was sentenced on November 4, 2020, and was denied parole a year later. Its minimum release date is April 19, 2024. Blind Plea, a 10-part podcast from Lemonada Media, premieres May 17 and streams wherever you get your podcasts.

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