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A Texas woman claimed in a video that she is a Chicago girl who disappeared more than two decades ago. Diamond Bradley was 3 years old when she and her 10-year-old sister, Tionda, were reported missing to Chicago police on July 6, 2001 while her mother was working.

When the girls’ mother, Tracey Bradley, returned home, she was met with silence and a note supposedly written by the young Tionda, saying that the two of them were going to the store and to the playground.

Chicago police conducted “an exhaustive search of the area and surrounding neighborhood with negative results” after her mother reported the two children missing, according to the FBI.


In the social media video, a woman searches for photos of missing Diamond and Tionda, before being asked to show a scar on her face, as the pair stand by a Harris County deputy’s car in Texas.

Diamond Bradley Age

The age of Diamond Bradley is 25  years now.

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Diamond Bradley went missing in 2001

“Here with Diamond Bradley, this is Diamond Bradley, can I see your scar?” the person behind the camera questions the woman who claims to be Diamond. “She still has that scar.” Diamond, who would be 25 in 2023, is said to have a scar on the left side of his scalp, according to the FBI. Sheliah Bradley-Smith, the girl’s great-aunt, said the woman approached her claiming she was her missing niece.


“She said that she has information on Diamond Bradley, and I say what about her…?” Bradley-Smith recounted in an interview with NBC 5. “Well, she says that I am Diamond Bradley.” Bradley-Smith, who runs several Facebook pages dedicated to finding the missing girls, says she told the woman to contact the police because she didn’t want to get caught up in another scam.

“We’ve had about 12, but they’re easily dismissed,” Bradley-Smith recalled to CBS News of the numerous claims people have made over the years about the sisters, but this claim was different. Bradley Smith confirmed in a Facebook post that FBI agents collected DNA samples from the woman she claimed to be Diamond on May 17.

“Thank you to everyone who has messaged, called and texted regarding the TIKTOK video being distributed and knows that we are fully aware of the video,” said Bradley-Smith. “Due to the sensitivity of the matter, please allow time for DNA results to be completed. Please continue to pray and hope for the best.”


In an interview with NBC Dateline in 2021, the sisters’ relatives were dubious about the note because the spelling and grammar were too good for a 10-year-old girl and Tionda would have simply called her mother. Early Saturday morning, Bradley-Smith shared a message saying that all she can do is wait and pray. “No matter what we hope, think, doubt, wish, or pray; only DNA will confirm or deny if she is my missing niece Diamond Bradley. Either way, the search continues.

Both the Bradley family and the FBI have not given up the search. “Personally, I don’t think I’m living this nightmare,” Bradley-Smith told NBC5. “You’re hopeful, especially with this happening before. But at the same time you can’t ignore, I have to follow any lead that comes…”Read More…….

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