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A blindfolded Florida woman smiled during her mugshot despite having her ear lopped off in a wild brawl at a house party. Dixie Stiles, 18, and Macy Regan, 23, were arrested for a July 4 fight that broke out over vape theft in Callaway, Bay County police said Thursday. Officers were called to the area for a fight between several men at a party hosted by unsupervised minors. Both women were in on the spree.

Dixie Stiles and Macy Regan Age

The age Dixie Stiles and Macy Regan 18 and 23 year.

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Why Dixie Stiles and Macy Regan are arrested?

Sometime after midnight, Regan tried to leave and was confronted by Stiles, who accused her of stealing alcohol and vape pens. Regan then allegedly pulled out a 9mm pistol, but Stiles managed to knock the firearm down and a fight ensued. During the fight, Regan allegedly bit the top of Stiles’ ear. Deputies said the broken piece could not be put back on.


Stiles appeared to smile during a mugshot that showed a bandage wrapped around her head. Regan sported a black eye in the stock image of her. Both women also suffered multiple bruises and lacerations. Stiles was charged with assault, while Regan faced one count of felony assault causing bodily harm.Read More…..

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