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The heartbreaking disappearance of 13-year-old James Yoblonski has left his family in agony as they desperately search for any clue to his whereabouts. It’s been over six weeks since James disappeared from his family home, prompting his loved ones to take drastic action in hopes of ensuring his safe return, offering a staggering $10,000 reward for any information that could help. to find it.

James Yoblonski was last seen June 11 at the family residence in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, according to his father, William Yoblonski. Speculating about his son’s intentions, William revealed that he thinks James took the family Chrysler pickup with him, likely heading off on an off-the-grid adventure to Devil’s Lake State Park. Adding to his concerns, James reportedly took his father’s firearm and two survival guides with him on the trip, raising concerns about his safety and well-being.

As days turned into weeks without any sign of James, William Yoblonski made a harrowing appeal, stating that he is willing to mortgage his house to raise the reward money. The Yoblonski family is desperately seeking any information that might help bring James back home. “The $10,000 reward is only if they find it. In the last three weeks, we haven’t received any leads or anything,” said William Yoblonski in an emotional interview with WiscNews.


James Yoblonski Age

The age of James Yoblonski is 13 year.

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James Yoblonski

A subsequent search by law enforcement with police search dogs led to the discovery of two makeshift encampments near Baraboo and Devil’s Lake State Park, both on opposite sides of Highway 12. James’ abandoned family vehicle was found nearby and his cell phone was located 200 yards west of the van. Based on the phone’s tracking data, investigators have theorized that James embarked on a survival mission, attempting to test his abilities and stamina in the wild. However, despite extensive searches and efforts, no further signs of James have been found since the initial detection of the camps, according to News 3.

William Yoblonski expressed concern that someone might have picked up his child after he left the camps. “As much as they searched, they should have found some evidence that he was there, and they found nothing,” he lamented to WISC. A sprawling 360-acre area nestled beneath quartzite cliffs up to 500 feet high, Devil’s Lake State Park has hundreds of campsites, showers, restrooms, and latrines to accommodate visitors. The park is also equipped with numerous drinking water taps scattered throughout the grounds. Heartbroken and anxious for the safe return of his child, William Yoblonski turned directly to James and said, “Come out of wherever you’re hiding. We want you home. We love you so much.”


Two weeks after James was reported missing, William organized a public search and contacted a Sun Prairie K-9 search team to assist in the efforts. However, he claimed the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office did not follow up with the team to search the area thoroughly. Drew Bulin, a detective sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office, responded to these claims, stating that he was not aware of any outside search dog squads, but confirmed the use of dogs by area law enforcement agencies. Until the last official statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office on July 7, there have been no significant updates on the case.

The Sauk County Sheriff’s Office continues to lead the search, stating: “The vehicle was located at approximately 8:46 a.m. Monday, June 12 by a Sauk County deputy. A ping of James’ cell phone, conducted by The Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Criminal Investigation Division, drove to the location currently being searched by law enforcement, near USH 12 and Sauk Hill.Deputies located a makeshift encampment where property belonging to to James. Law enforcement continues to search the area and law enforcement agencies have requested additional information to assist.“Read More…….

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