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A father believed to have been killed by dog kidnappers who stole his designer labradoodle was deliberately ‘targeted’, police say, as it emerged his home had been raided months earlier. Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience was found dead in his home Tuesday morning by police after burglars broke in and took his beloved pet, Layla. Investigators are questioning a 39-year-old man on suspicion of murder after releasing a 27-year-old and a 41-year-old man on bail pending further investigation.

MailOnline can today reveal that the 45-year-old father of three had been the victim of a previous robbery months earlier, in which thieves ransacked his humble end-of-a-terrace home in Radcliffe, Manchester. Hailed as an “incredible” father by his bereaved family, Patience had returned home last December to find several televisions, a child’s bicycle and his brother’s car taken away. The details were revealed in a heartbreaking note that Patience sent to his neighbors in January and was seen by MailOnline. She would say, “I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years.”

I recently returned home to find that all my stuff had been stolen. It included several televisions, my son’s moat, a bike, a gaming chair, a hover, and my brother’s car, a gray Mercedes C220, among other things. ‘The car was used to remove objects. This happened in early November and the house was locked from the inside, so I suspect it was a guest. I heard they saw a girl and two men taking out items, but they might be misinformed. It would probably look like I was moving and wondering if anyone saw anything.


Police confirmed the report and a spokesman said “unfortunately no suspects have been identified after conducting a series of investigations.” A spokesperson told MailOnline: “Detectives are continuing to investigate the death of Donald Patience, including previously made reports to police.” One of the neighbors who received the note was Andy Ramsden, 36, who told MailOnline: “The note arrived in January, just after New Years.”

“I think Prentice [Mr Patience] had been in Scotland and on his return he found some of his belongings stolen, including his brother’s Mercedes. ‘As far as I know, he was renting the house, he had been there for about three years, but from time to time he had housemates who would stay there with him. “I think there may have been another man living there recently. ‘In that note that he posted on people’s doors, he even blamed one of those who had stayed in the house.

However, Prentice was the only one we used to see a lot. He always took the dog for a walk.’ The police were called at 10.30 am. m. on Tuesday after a man had brought the labradoodle to a grooming shop just 50 yards from Mr. Patience’s home. The male was arrested and officers seized the dog. The labradoodle, whose puppies can sell for between £700 and £1,500, is now in the care of the competent authority, Greater Manchester Police added. Detective Chief Inspector Rachel Smith of GMP’s Major Incidents Team said: “I would like to reassure the local public as I understand there will be alarm when this is discovered, but we are confident it is a targeted attack.”


The revelation came as Mr Patience’s heartbroken family described him today as “a son, brother and father much loved and will be deeply missed by many, affectionately known as Prentice” as the local community expressed shock at his “murder”. And his ex-wife Kirsty, with whom he shared three children, also paid tribute, calling him an “incredible man” who “adored his children.” “It breaks my heart to have to write this,” he wrote on social media. ‘As many of you may have seen by now, we lost an extremely incredible man this week.

‘Despite what happened between us, Prentice was an amazing father and I adored his children. “We are all truly heartbroken by this news and we are all struggling to come to terms with his death.” A Home Office post mortem examination concluded that Patience’s death was suspicious. Since then, three men have been arrested on suspicion of murder. After being questioned, two men, aged 27 and 41, have been released on bail pending further investigation, while a 39-year-old man remains in police custody.

Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience Age

The age of Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience was 45 year.


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Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience cause of death

Greater Manchester Police added that Patience’s loved ones were being supported by family liaison officers. The back terrace remains cordoned off today with police standing guard outside. Pictures of the place show that a rear window in the kitchen is broken. Blue and white tape has marked the property and forensic agents, in white overalls, were also seen entering the house this morning. Locals say police arrested a man before seizing the dog, according to Mick Hewitson, 58, who runs The Dog Shop.

He told MailOnline: “I hadn’t opened the shop too long and a young man called and said ‘I just live across the road, my boss wants to cut his dog’s hair, can you do it?’ “The man was quite young, he would say he was in his early 20s, and the dog was an off-white ladbradoodle. — He said that his boss had gone to Scotland and left him some money to cut the dog. “My shoulder hurts so I’m limiting the amount of work I have at the moment, particularly walk-ins, so I turned it down. The man and the dog left.

“This must have been just before 10am on Tuesday because I already had another dog.’Half an hour later, all the police rushed over and arrested the same man. The police seized the same labradoodle. “I’ve never seen the dog before, or the guy who was killed even though the house where it happened is right across the street.” A woman who lives near the groomer said she had seen the labradoodle in the back of a police van.


She said: ‘There was a man who was being arrested. I asked an officer what was going on and he told me that he thought the man had stolen the dog. Emilya Habtagebriel, 25, believes that she may have come face to face with one of the killers. The mother-of-two said: ‘I came out the back of my house sometime between 10.30 and 11am on Tuesday morning and there was a young man coming out of the house behind me.

‘I remember he had a white dog on a leash. He smiled and said hello and I waved back. ‘My daughter loves dogs and I went back to look for her and show her the dog, but the man was missing. “I didn’t see where he went, but he got away quickly. ‘It was not the man who was found dead. He was a younger man, he would say he was in his early 20s. ‘Shortly afterwards the street was filled with policemen and later we found out that the man who lived in the house had been murdered.

‘It’s a shock. I don’t know who the man I saw was but he seemed calm. I didn’t hear any screaming, screeching, crushing, nothing like that at all. But the dog he had on a leash with him was a labradoodle. Another neighbor said that Patience was originally from Scotland and that, along with her children, her dog was “his life of hers” from him. A woman, who did not want to be named, said: “Donald had been here for a while and would say hello to most people, but to be honest we didn’t know much about him.”


‘He was Scottish and lived alone in the house, except for his labradoodle Layla, whom he would walk around the block at least twice a day. ‘He had children but they did not live with him. I think that along with his children, that dog was his life. He really adored Layla. We were out when it happened. It is assumed that it was a robbery and the dog was taken from him. He would have fought to prevent someone from stealing it, that’s for sure.

News of the murder shocked the local community, and floral tributes were left outside the end of the terrace today. Investigators are now urging anyone who saw or heard anything unusual earlier this week in or around the area. DCI Smith added: “First, as a force, we would like to convey our condolences to Donald’s loved ones at this extremely distressing time, we are doing everything we can to get them the answers they deserve and find out what has happened.” ‘Since we learned of this incident earlier this week, our investigation has been swift and accurate, with three arrested due to our investigations, and one on scene at the time of the alleged robbery.

‘We now want to appeal to the local community for witness accounts or images of any activity that we can link to this investigation. ‘We are also looking for people who may know Donald, having seen him walking his beloved white labradoodle in the local area or have knowledge of any activity at or near his address, which is a final terrace on Ainsworth Road, as of Friday the 18th of August. 2023. ‘It is crucial that we have as many details as possible to help piece together what happened in this tragic incident in which someone unfortunately lost their life.


“We keep all available lines of investigation open, but no matter how small, your information may be the crucial piece of evidence we need that can help us with this investigation.” He was technically dead and the doctors had to start pumping his heart again with their fingertips. It really is some kind of miracle.” News of Patience’s murder has left locals stunned, and people have expressed their horror online. One woman said: ‘Poor man. Many of these heinous crimes are being committed right now.

Another added: ‘Shocking! God bless you young RIP’. A third person said: ‘I’m so sorry for his family, rest in peace, God bless xx’. Ben Johnson, who worked with Patience at Express Estate Agency in Manchester city center for five years, said he was horrified to learn of the death of his former colleague. He told MailOnline: “He was truly one of the most caring, understanding and empathetic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and meeting.”

‘When times were tough he was always there to help me and be a listening ear. He always had time for me and for others.’ A heartbroken relative said his family was devastated by the death. Asking the public for help, they wrote on social media: “Please, if you know or have seen anything… please contact the police.” ‘Heartbreaking news for my family this week, you did not deserve to have your life taken like this. Fly high Prent xx. Read More…..


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