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A man shot a pregnant woman, killing her unborn child, because he wanted to “teach her a lesson,” according to police in Boynton Beach, Florida. “I didn’t want to kill her,” Dontae Jermaine Maddox, 34, reportedly said. “I just wanted to show you what’s up.” Authorities said it happened hours after he assaulted her by punching her and then, when she was on the ground, kneeing her in the mouth.

He remains being held without bond at the Main Detention Center in Palm Beach County on one count of attempted first degree murder with a firearm (domestic) and felon in possession of a firearm. According to a partially redacted arrest affidavit, Maddox ambushed the woman in her hotel room at the Inn at Boynton Beach on the morning of Aug. 3. Documents show officers arrested him at 7:40 a.m.

Speaking to police after being stared at, he allegedly admitted that he knew she walked an autistic boy to the bus every morning. He waited outside her bedroom for her to come out and confronted her in front of the girl, he allegedly said. “Maddox said he wanted to teach her a lesson and shot her twice,” police said. He ran down the stairs. He chased her and shot her a third time, according to the alleged confession. Maddox said he removed his clothing so officers would know he was unarmed, officers wrote.


Dontae Jermaine Maddox Age

The age of Dontae Jermaine Maddox is 34 year.

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Charges on Dontae Jermaine Maddox

The supposed reason for him: they had been arguing for the past few weeks. Police said he had been at the hotel just a few hours earlier. On the night of August 2, he allegedly attacked the pregnant woman by grabbing her, hitting her multiple times, and then kneeing her in the face when she was in a fetal position. Injuries to him included bleeding, swelling, a small laceration on his lower lip, and “redness/scratches” on his right arm.

According to officers, she did not call for this initial attack, but Maddox later returned for another altercation. The woman called the officers this time. Police said she responded on August 13 at 12:26 a.m., but the defendant fled by then. She said that he had closed the door and fled after she told him that she was calling the officers.


The charge, in this case, is aggravated assault of a pregnant victim. A July 22 criminal mischief case shows he previously appeared there, trying to get into room 405 and banging on the door with a hammer, according to the documents. He allegedly claimed that one of the room’s occupants owed his friend money.

Officers found the woman when they arrived at the scene of the shooting. They said she suffered gunshot wounds to her back, shoulder and thigh. She said that she was seven months pregnant. First responders took her to Delray Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. She survived in stable but serious condition. Her unborn child, who suffered a gunshot wound, died.

Police, witness statements, and surveillance footage indicate that after the shooting, Maddox made his way to the hotel lobby, removed his clothing, and lay on the floor before police arrived. He allegedly told police that he took off his clothes to show officers that he was unarmed.Read More…….


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