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A Texas man, who was dressed as a woman, allegedly took pictures behind a bathroom in a mall bathroom before attempting to flee the scene while brandishing a pepper gun, according to authorities.

Douglas Egan, 45, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper photography. Around 4:30 p.m. m. on Christmas Eve, shoppers at the Hulen Mall panicked after a woman allegedly reported that she had received a shooting threat.

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The age of Douglas Egan is 45 years.


Douglas Egan Accused of aggravated assault, Why Douglas Egan arrested

Teena James claimed that she received a text message at the same time from her daughter who works at the mall, claiming there was a gun inside. “As a parent, you have to understand how upsetting it was for me, as a mother of 4, to worry about our children’s safety every time they leave the house,” James said.

After interviewing the victim, Fort Worth police said they determined the altercation started in the women’s restroom. “While he was using the bathroom, she observed what he believed to be a cell phone coming out from under the booth,” Fort Worth Police Corporal Joshua Johnson said.

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He later further said that after rushing out of the bathroom, the woman chased after a man who was later identified as Egan and who she claimed was dressed as a woman.

The victim allegedly followed Egan outdoors, according to police. When a second individual saw what was happening, he made an effort to stop the suspect from leaving. “At that point, the suspect came out and presented what appeared to be a weapon,” Johnson said, adding, “He took it out of a backpack he was carrying and pointed it at the first witness and then continued to run away,” according to Fox4news.


According to police, as more and more witnesses gathered, they all turned their attention to Egan from a distance. They informed the police that they saw him change from women’s clothing to men’s clothing.

He was later arrested by police in an adjacent apartment building. From approximately 5:30 p.m. m. until the mall closed at 6 p.m. m., the mall was closed.

“Thank you to the good Samaritans for stepping up, who saw a confrontation they felt was inappropriate and simply got involved. It takes the community getting involved to protect us,” Johnson said.


According to police, Egan’s weapon turned out to be a “pepper ball,” a less lethal defensive weapon. Egan is a recognized sex offender who has already been convicted of many counts of indecent exposure in Dallas, as well as criminal indecency with a child. “It is extremely unfortunate for someone to take advantage of an individual just as he is using the bathroom for his own personal benefit,” Johnson said.

Egan is in custody at the Tarrant County Correctional Center on a combined $30,000 bond. Jail records did not find the name of an attorney who could represent him in court. Egan served 7 years in prison before being released earlier this year, according to the Texas Sex Offender Registry, which still lists him, Fox News reported.

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