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Auto mechanic Luis Manuel Casillas was found shot to death in north Houston on December 23, and his family is now trying to find the killer.

Casillas was found wounded by a gunshot wound in a commercial parking lot on North Freeway near West Little York Road, according to Houston police.

Casillas’ family is distraught and claims that he was killed as a result of a dispute over a $500 charge to repair a truck for a client. “He was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle,” said Sandy Casillas, Luis’s sister.


“He didn’t deserve this.” The incident is being investigated by the police, and investigators hope to uncover security footage. of the shot.

Witnesses claimed to have seen Casillas argue and attempt to flee before being shot while pleading for his life, reports ABC 13. “My brother started running,” said his sister Sandy Casillas who heard about it from witnesses.

Luis Manuel Casillas Age

The age of Luis Manuel Casillas was19 years.


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Luis Manuel Casillas Found shot to death in north Houston, Luis Manuel Casillas Cause of death

“He went through all the side businesses he could. They caught up with him and shot him in the head. (point blank). She begged them: ‘I have a family, just take what you want.’ And they said ‘no’.”

At Christmas, his children, ages 2 and 3, opened presents when they were still too young to fully understand what had happened to their father. “Santa showed up but dad didn’t,” Sandy Casillas said. “We no longer have vacations, we no longer know what vacations are.” Luis also leaves behind his wife and the mother of his children.


“You don’t do that to any human being,” Sandy Casillas said. “You don’t do that to animals. How do you do that to my brother? What they did is not fair and if you are the mother of those six individuals, at least be good enough to give up your child.” ”

The 29-year-old was shot in the head outside the store where he worked. According to Sandy, there are six suspects, all of whom she believes are young men. Houston police have not released official descriptions of the suspects or their vehicles.

Two witnesses assured that after hearing a disturbance and a single shot, they treated the mortally wounded Casillas. Sandy Casillas has faith that the suspects will be arrested soon. “Damned if I let this case go cold. My brother will get justice from him,” Sandy Casillas said.


José Casillas, the brother of Luis Casillas, claimed that he had spoken to him the day before the altercation about this client and had even emailed him screenshots of his chat. “After that, I just got a call that my brother was shot,” his brother said tearfully in the parking lot of the funeral home. “At first I didn’t believe it. They have been three of the longest days”, said José Casillas.Read More….


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