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An eight-year-old California boy has gone viral for his incredible dance moves during his elementary school’s winter concert. “He was getting the vibe,” Jaden Williams said after the video of him performing alongside her classmates garnered more than 20 million views

Jaden’s viral moves that the 8-year-old seems to have pulled off from TikTok dances became an internet sensation after a classmate’s mom posted them and was wowed by his impressive performance.

The mom even tagged the San Francisco 49ers, the football team whose logo was featured on Jaden’s clothing, labeling the viral video “dance machine.” Interestingly, the viral video caught the attention of the soccer team and they left a sweet message for the little ballerina who wrote, “Ok Jaden! See you!”


Jaden Williams Age

The age of Jaden Williams is just 8 years and he gone viral

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Why Jaden Williams, Gone viral for his incredible dance moves

Jaden’s family members added that he aspires to become a professional soccer player one day and hopes to meet his favorite 49ers Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

“I started dancing,” Jaden, a Bay Area elementary school student, said in an interview. “I was getting the vibe,” reported ABC 7. “Jaden added, he was super excited about the concert and couldn’t wait to show his friends and family his performance.”

He was so excited to do that. He would say to Miss Harrington, my music teacher, ‘When is the concert going to start?’ I was so happy.”


“Her classmate’s mom posted it on her Instagram and it sort of took off, and she tagged my wife,” said Kirk Williams, Jaden’s father. “It just started going viral from there,” Kirk said. The video of him was full of comments, with actor Jermaine Crawford writing:

“Jaden is a star,” Daily Mail reported. “Jaden is me. He said let’s add some glare to this,” another user said. “When he grows up, he’s going to be that guy who lights the barbecue,” replied another.

However, there were some users who criticized Jaden for stealing the show, but the parents of the eight backed him up, saying, “I’ve read the comments and for those who think Jaden is selfish or disrespectful to his classmates, don’t They know Jaden,” said Jaden’s mother, Yanira William.


“He has a kind soul, full of joy, and hugs all his classmates every day at school. His personality is big, which is an understatement for his father; Kirk! I wish you everyone happy holidays and love!Read More…..


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