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An Oregon folk doctor Dr. Craig Jackson was killed during a violent struggle in his home nearly two years ago. Police believe two men broke in and killed the beloved family doctor in a targeted attack. Now, his ex-wife has been charged and arrested in connection with his murder.

Reina Gabriela Jackson, also known as Reina Gabriela Matute-Ruano, is charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, for the murder of 45-year-old Dr. Craig Jackson, according to a news release issued by Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier.

The victim was found at her North Bend residence with a gunshot wound to the head, police said. Jackson’s wife told authorities that two unknown men broke into the home, fought with the victim, shot and killed him, and left, Eugene-based ABC affiliate KEZI reported.


Dr. Craig Jackson Age

The age of Dr. Craig Jackson was 45 year.

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Dr. Craig Jackson’s Ex wife convicted of murder

“We believe there were three people involved in the death of Dr. Jackson,” Frasier said in comments reported by Roseburg, Oregon-based CBS affiliate KPIC. “We believe that Reina Jackson is obviously one of those participants in the death. The other two are male individuals, and we have not been able to identify who they are at this time.”

Craig Jackson’s family offered a cash reward for information related to his murder; His classmates remembered him fondly. “He was an important person in our community,” Bay Clinic CEO Elana Crane said in comments reported by Coos Bay-based CBS affiliate KCBY. “He had a large patient base. He was very healthy clinically. He was a great worker. He was a partner within our practice. You know, you can never replace someone. You learn to live with a loss… and that’s where we are now.”


Reina Jackson was a suspect more or less from the beginning. In last week’s press release, Frasier said a nationwide arrest warrant was issued for the defendant “shortly after” his ex-husband was killed. It is believed that he fled the country and returned to his native Guatemala after the crime was committed.

There was a divorce proceeding between her and Dr. Jackson. The divorce was finalized… I mean 2016-2017,” the prosecutor told KPIC. “However, there were ongoing issues with custody of the children.” The Coos County prosecutor’s office had planned to file a formal extradition request with Guatemalan authorities when Reina Jackson returned to the United States of her own free will, the prosecutor told KPIC.

“She flew back to the United States apparently unaware that there were warrants out for her and was detained in Atlanta, Georgia,” Frasier said. “Atlanta authorities issued what is called a fugitive complaint. He will appear before her in the Atlanta courts.”


The defendant was arrested on June 14. Reina Jackson is being held in an Atlanta jail, awaiting extradition to Beaver State, and she has not yet been arraigned. The investigation into the dead doctor’s ex-wife spanned nearly two years, the prosecutor’s office said, and included a task force of no fewer than 12 different agencies. The lead agency in the case was the North Bend Police Department.

The defendant was also arrested on a warrant for allegedly violating the terms of her probation when she left Coos County in 2021. Frasier told Law & Crime that her accusation could not be released until her arraignment and until then, “it is considered secret.” The prosecutor said he had no further comment on the case.

A neighbor who remained anonymous expressed his satisfaction with the development of the case of the murder of Dr. Jackson.  “I’m glad they caught up with her, I really am,” they told KEZI. “I was curious when people were here looking for evidence in the neighborhood, they said they had never left a murder unsolved. And they indicated that this may take some time. And I’m glad they finally got it.”Read More………


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