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Dr. Peter V. Driscoll a plastic surgeon in Ridgefield, is temporarily barred from practicing, New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced Thursday. “[T]he State Board of Medical Examiners has temporarily suspended Dr. Peter V. Driscoll’s medical license on allegations of solicitation and involvement in sexual contact with a patient, as well as other forms of misconduct,” the statement said.

Specifically,Dr. Peter V. Driscoll is charged with “having sexual contact with a patient while she was performing surgery on him,” the Attorney General announced. It is also alleged that Driscoll viewed pornography prior to surgeries and left patients unattended both before and after surgery. One patient said that Driscoll pressured her into having sexual acts before her procedure.

“Driscoll allegedly requested sexual favors from a patient during a procedure after a surgical assistant left the operating room,” Platkin’s statement reads. “While Driscoll was alone with the patient, he allegedly took the patient’s hand and placed it on her thigh as he asked him to rub her genitals. He then asked her to perform other sexual acts, and when she refused, he pressured her to keep rubbing her genitals so he could ‘motivate’ himself to finish the procedure.” That patient reported the incident to the Goals practice manager and Driscoll’s surgical privileges were suspended, according to the AG’s office.


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The age of Dr. Peter V. Driscoll is not known.

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Why Dr. Peter V. Driscoll of New Jersey license suspended

Driscoll also allegedly viewed pornography while he waited for the anesthetic injected into the patient to take effect, a time known as the “numb period.” “During other periods of numbness, Driscoll allegedly left the surgical office or took extended breaks,” the attorney general said. He also allegedly violated practice protocols by “leaving the office before patients were released from recovery” after a procedure.

“Doctors cannot be allowed to abuse their position of trust to engage in egregious acts such as those alleged here,” Platkin said. “Any professional who engages in disgusting and predatory misconduct in the state of New Jersey will face dire consequences.” Driscoll practiced at My Goals Solutions Surgery Center from August 2021 to June 2022, according to the attorney general’s statement.


“The vast majority of doctors in New Jersey hold themselves to the highest professional standards,” said Cari Fais, acting director of the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs. “But if a doctor doesn’t meet those standards, we will take action. New Jersey consumers deserve no less.” Under the terms of the provisional suspension, according to the announcement, Driscoll is “precluded from practicing medicine or surgery in the State of New Jersey pending the conclusion of a plenary hearing on this matter.”

Law & Crime contacted the Attorney General’s office to ask when that hearing would take place, but did not immediately get a response. It was not immediately clear if Driscoll faces criminal charges. A search of New Jersey court records did not indicate any criminal charges have been filed. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office did not respond to Law&Crime’s inquiry in time for publication.Read More…..

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