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The Idaho murder investigation team has yet to answer one essential question as the investigation progresses. The significant confusion here is why Dylan Mortensen, the surviving roommate, was slow to inform the police about the murders and why Bryan Kohberger chose the four murdered Idaho students as his victims.

According to Daily Mail, the police sent the file containing important information about the crime. He too was denied bail on January 5 during a brief court appearance in Moscow. The suspect was arrested on Dec. 30 for the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20. Meanwhile, the internet is still confused about why it took Dylan nearly six hours to report . to the police and why he did not react immediately.

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Why did he wait six hours to call 911?

Dylan is currently under pressure to answer why it took him six hours to report the problem to 911 and inform the police. She survived the attack with Bethany Funke. According to her, the suspect was dressed in black with a mask covering her face and heard one of his housemates say, “There’s someone here.” The suspect said, “okay, I’m here to help you.” The investigation team has confirmed that one of the surviving roommates made a 911 call at 11:58 a.m. requesting help for an unconscious person. One of the reasons people claim is that she may have been “frozen with fear.” Mortensen claims that she woke up around 4 a.m. when he could hear what sounded like victim Kaylee “playing with her dog” in a third-floor room. Later, he heard the sound of Xana’s crying. Meanwhile, he was met by a tall figure with a mask on and a complete black outfit. Although the assassin closed in on her, he was saved from her.

Why were these four students attacked?

There are minute details about how Kohberger killed the four victims. However, it remains a matter of doubt why these four students were targeted. Officials have yet to confirm how he became aware of the students, as they have tracked him all over this place. Another question that has yet to be answered is why he didn’t kill Kaylee’s dog, whom he shared with her ex-boyfriend, Jack DuCoeur, named Murphy. She has survived the attack and is with Jack. Another concern regarding the case is whether police were concerned about scaring the alleged killer Kohberger into fleeing after colliding with a vehicle.


Meanwhile, one of the main concerns of the case is revealing the murder weapon and whether the killer committed the crime alone. Police have found it difficult to detect the murder weapon. This even led the police to search the Inland North Waste for the weapon and extensively searched garbage vehicles to seize the weapon, however to no avail. When it comes to the killer having an accomplice to assist during the murder, Police Chief James Fry stated, “We have an individual in custody who committed these horrific crimes,” and did not rule out the possibility of multiple killers.
‘Why didn’t anyone call the police until noon the next day?’

Netizens had several questions and concerns about why it took Dylan six hours to call 911. One user asked on Reddit: “Probable cause affidavit says roommate saw killer at 4am and then locked herself in her room…why didn’t anyone call?” police until noon the next day? I’m baffled.” Another said: “So she opens the door several times to suspicious noises including her roommate crying, she finally peeks through the door and sees a MASKED MAN (presumably at this point covered in blood) who runs away and she… locks the door and goes to sleep? I’m just trying to understand. How do you do that?

One user added: “Right? Wouldn’t you at least try texting your roommates if you’re scared to talk? I don’t know. Something. I mean… she has to live with it so I’m sure that it’s worse for her than it is for us, but, she needs to know, we have questions!” Another claimed: “So Dylan saw the killer and he locks himself in his room and passes out, and Bethany calls the police. Hmm, he still seems a little crazy that someone could see a murderer and then be so drunk that he passes out 😱 instead of being able to call the police.”


One user explained: “She didn’t realize what had happened. She was shocked to see the guy leave, but it never crossed her mind that there was a bloodbath. The man covering his face with his night in cold weather is not so rare. High traffic home, one learns to ignore other people’s business, perhaps.” “I wouldn’t assume a bloodbath, but I would check my roommates. Period. She was alarmed enough to keep opening the door and keep looking outside. She was alarmed enough to immediately close the door and hide in her room. But she was, isn’t she alarmed enough to…check on her roommates? I can’t understand this. I can’t,” one comment read.

Another wondered: “I’ve been trying to make sense of this. Is it possible she thought it was the police for underage drinking and was afraid they’d find her drunk? Or she thought it was a burglar but had afraid to call the police for being drunk. and minor? Is it possible that she has a history of strange dreams and at the time she thought she was dreaming it? This is all I could come up with.”

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