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In a tragic incident, authorities in Lakeland, Florida, believe Ortilla Zamora intentionally killed herself and her two children in an apparent suicide last week by driving her car into a lake with her children inside.

The car had submerged 15 feet when Lakeland police and fire departments arrived on the scene following a 911 call, according to reports.

Ortilla Zamora, 35, was found dead inside the car, which firefighters and diving equipment began to pull out of the water. The remains of Zamora’s two children, ages 4 and 9, were also discovered inside the car after it was completely drained of water, authorities said.


Preliminary information, according to investigators, indicates that it was not a traffic accident and that there were no apparent signs of trauma to any of the people in the vehicle.

Ortilla Zamora Age

The age of Ortilla Zamora was 35 years.

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Ortilla Zamora killed herself and her two children in an apparent suicide

“At this point in the investigation, all of the evidence suggests that the adult female, Ortilla Zamora, 35, intentionally drove her vehicle into Lake Wire on the morning of December 30, 2022,” Lakeland spokeswoman Robin Tillett said. , in a press release. .


During the investigation, detectives learned from family members that she had possibly been experiencing mental health issues in the days prior to the event. The mother and two children are from the Wauchula area and it is unknown why they were in Lakeland that morning, FOX News reported.

On January 3, 2023, the Polk County Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy. As part of the ongoing investigation, more testing will be done, including toxicology tests. As of now, this is still an open investigation and it is still unknown if the children were still alive when she drove into the lake.

Kim Seaboldt told ABC Action News that she witnessed the incident as she was driving south on Sikes Boulevard to go to work. She said Zamora’s car, which was in front of her, made a U-turn at Lake Wire Drive and began heading north on Sikes, but then made a “deliberate” right turn into the lake.Read More…..


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