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An employee of the New York City Department of Education for more than three decades, Dr. Elana Elster joined Booker T Washington Middle School as a teacher in 1993 and has served as the school’s principal since 2005.

She completed her MEd and EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University, and has a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the New York City Department of Education in September 1987 and continues to work as an educator.

However, despite her long involvement with the academy and her credentials, the Libs of TikTok tweet has made her the target of severe criticism online. Several people have taken to social media to criticize her for the alleged email she sent to her concerned father.


Criticizing Dr. Elster’s views, Conservative politician Courtney Geels wrote: “I’d like to know if they have a Bible in the school library.”

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The age of Dr Elana Elster is not known

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Dr Elana Elster NYC principal slammed for defending ‘pornographic’ book in middle school library

Echoing a similar sentiment, artist Deanna Maria R commented: “Why is any kind of sex being presented/taught to kids in high school? See how quickly it is removed when the school takes a hit to the wallet, take the kids out, place them in another school or home school (for those who can). School budgets depend on numbers.” Podcast host Craig Chamberlin tweeted: “Children’s cognitive development prevents them from making appropriate risk decisions until LEAST 18 years of age.”



NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — The principal of a New York City public school sparked controversy for defending a sexually explicit book, saying it has been kept in the high school library for kids to explore “new and exciting ideas.” different” and “expand your horizons. .” Dr. Elana Elster, principal of Booker T Washington High School, apparently defended the book, titled ‘This Book Is Gay,’ when a concerned parent approached her.

Written by Juno Dawson, the 2014 novel explores non-heteronormative sexuality in a humorous way, discussing orgies, kinks, and sexual applications, according to Fox News. According to its Google Books listing, it “takes an uncensored look at what it’s like to grow up LGBT” and includes testimonials from people across the spectrum of gender and sexuality.


Visual artist Spike Gerrell has contributed some explicit illustrations to the book. The book’s presence in the school’s high school library raised concerns among some parents who reportedly contacted Dr. Elster with reservations. However, according to a tweet by popular user ‘Libs of TikTok’, Dr. Elster has defended the book’s presence in a library accessible to children as young as 12.

Sharing a screenshot of an email they claim was written by Dr. Elster, Libs of TikTok tweeted: “NYC High School Principal Confirms in Email School Offers Pornographic Book” This book is gay” and has no plans to remove it.” The tweet added that the book “teaches kids about gay sex and encourages the use of sex apps.” Along with the email, the tweet also contains images of some pages of the book.

Part of the email reads: “I wonder if you are referring to the exposure your child receives to new and different people and ideas. This is a public school and children will be continually exposed.” The email concludes with Dr. Elster acknowledging that ‘This Book Is Gay’ is “in our library catalog and we have no plans to remove it.”Read More….


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