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SPANAWAY, WASHINGTON – Rio Boyd, 21, was last seen in Spanaway, Washington on October 17, 2022. She is said to have disappeared after leaving her family residence to walk to a friend’s house. At the time, she was living in a house on Field Road in Spanaway.

Although Rio went out to visit a friend, around 6 pm, she never came. Nothing has been heard from her since. Rio was reportedly last seen walking south on Highway 7 on Field Road. Her family filed a missing person report with the Pierce County Police Department, reported Disappeared.

In an interview with MEAWW, Rio’s friend Laura Orlando described her as an “outgoing” person. “I’ve known Rio since we were about six years old. She was one of my best friends from elementary school to high school and then she moved to Washington, but we still kept in touch,” said Laura, 22. “Rio was so funny and always wanted to make you laugh. She was also a very protective friend and never let anyone mess with you. But she also had a troubled side, dating the wrong kind of people and getting into drugs as an adult. He also struggled with mental health issues.”


Rio Boyd Age

The age of Rio Boyd is 21 years.

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Rio Boyd disappeared after leaving her family’s residence

Rio left her ID, wallet, and keys at home when she disappeared. She took her new cell phone that she had received just four hours before she left. A man walking her dog near Field Road and Mountain Highway later found her phone on the side of the road, a block from her Spanaway residence.

“I think the way her phone was found was very strange, almost as if it had been placed there in an orderly fashion, not dropped or thrown away. Rio would never leave her phone if she planned to disappear on her own terms.” Laura said. “Even though she hadn’t seen her in a while, Rio always kept in touch with me on Snapchat. The last conversation we had was that she sent me a picture of when we were little kids on a hike and we talked about some old memories of her. Nothing seemed strange to me.” Authorities have been seeking the public’s help in obtaining surveillance footage of the area where Rio disappeared.


“There are so many possibilities in my mind about what could have happened to Rio,” Laura said. “It seems to me that she was kidnapped by someone, and possibly being trafficked because there is absolutely no trace of her. Kidnapping and trafficking of her is very common in the area where she disappeared.”

He added: “People speculate that he chose to disappear and I just don’t think he did. He would never stop telling at least someone about his whereabouts and he wouldn’t leave his phone behind. His wallet with his ID stayed at home too, and he also left his dog. These are things he just wouldn’t do.”

Speaking about the role of law enforcement, she said, “Law enforcement has been very quiet but I believe they are doing the best they can with what little information they have. It seems like none of the CCTV footage they went through never caught Rio. Some speculate she never left the trailer park. There’s a private investigator on the case as well.”


Multiple searches for Rio have been arranged by friends and family, and flyers have been handed out. “People have even been door-knocking in the area she went missing to hand out the flyers. The community is working very hard to help spread the word about Rio and it’s amazing to see people who didn’t even know her care and help,” Laura said.

“I would like to tell law enforcement to not let this case go cold, and do everything they can to find Rio because she doesn’t deserve whatever has happened to her,” she added. “If Rio could hear me I’d tell her “I love you and don’t give up, keep fighting wherever you may be, and everyone is doing their best to find you. You are very cared about and missed!””

Every year, more than 6,00,000 individuals go missing in the United States, according to NamUs, an organization that provides support to resolve missing person and unidentified remains cases. Many of them are quickly found, safe and alive, but many cases go cold. Several families never get to see their loved ones alive.Read More…..



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