Five young men were kidnapped in Mexico

A young man in Mexico may have been forced to kill his friends after they were allegedly kidnapped in the western state of Jalisco, according to multiple reports, citing Mexican investigators. Childhood friends Jaime Adolfo Martínez Miranda, Dante Cedillo Hernández, Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo, Roberto Olmeda Cuellar and Uriel Galván González were last heard from on August 11 in Jalisco, Mexico, according to Spanish news outlet El País. Five young men were kidnapped in Mexico.

On Thursday, investigators said they had discovered four severely burned and headless bodies that could be related to the five kidnapped youths, one of whom was filmed apparently being forced to kill the others, according to CBS News and Mexico News Daily. The bodies have yet to be officially identified.

The friends, who are between the ages of 19 and 22, had reportedly attended a festival in the city of Lagos de Moreno, CBS News reports. According to El País, the last time they were heard from was at 10:55 p.m., when they said they were going home.


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Incident Detail

According to CBS, authorities announced Thursday that four bodies were found inside a building near where the youths were believed to have been abducted and later photographed in captivity. As reported by El País, the photo showed the five friends gagged and kneeling while showing their bloodied and bruised faces.

The video also reportedly shows one of the youths apparently being forced to cut off his friend’s head with a knife, according to CBS. Families of the youths have reportedly said that the clothing and appearance of the youths seen in the photo and video matched their missing relatives, the outlet reported.

According to El País, the gruesome video was broadcast in Mexico and showed two of the young men lying face down with their shirts covered in blood, while another of the abductees was apparently forced to stab and beat one of the others. . CBS also reported that the video showed someone offscreen throwing a brick at one of the youths to use against another. According to the outlet, Jalisco officials said they were investigating the video, but believe it showed a link to a cartel in the city.


Police may have found the remains of the fifth member of the group inside a burning car in the area before the headless bodies were discovered, according to CBS. According to El País, citing the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, the car found with the remains would be the vehicle in which the young people were traveling the night they disappeared. The area where they disappeared is known for cartel violence.

Before the bodies were found Thursday, investigators raided ranch buildings and found bloodstains and scattered shoes. According to CBS, the state attorney’s office said in a statement Wednesday: “This suggests that the five youths were at this ranch.” Meanwhile, at a press conference on Wednesday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called the case “very regrettable.”

According to El País, at the time of the alleged kidnapping, Roberto Olmeda Cuellar, 20, was studying industrial engineering at the University of Guadalajara, Diego Lara Santoyo, 20, worked as a blacksmith with his father and drove the group in his vehicle at night. in which they disappeared Uriel Galván González, 19, “is very happy, very friendly and close to his family,” his father told the outlet, and Dante Cedillo, 22, was a professional cyclist. Jaime Martínez Miranda, 21, was a bricklayer close to his family.Read More…..


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