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A Colorado mother of three living as an expat in Ecuador with her family was shot and killed during a violent home invasion on her idyllic farm. Francesca Williams was at her farm in the town of Vilacamba on May 20 with her husband, Michael, three teenage daughters and their father when a group of men entered the property, her family told news station KDVR this week in a interview. Michael said he was standing outside when he was struck, possibly with a brick, causing him to fall to the ground.

Her mother-in-law, John, who suffers from various medical conditions, including emphysema and dementia, was stabbed multiple times. Francesca was hanging laundry outside when she saw her father being attacked and tried to intervene, according to her adoptive mother, Marianna Bacilla, speaking with NBC San Diego.

“She went down to save him, and I guess they started shooting at her,” Bacilla said. Her mother of three suffered a gunshot wound to the back and died. The robbers did not physically harm the Williamses’ daughters. Her daughter Rachel, who witnessed part of the attack, offered an account of what happened.


Francesca Williams Age

The age of Francesca Williams was not declared.

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How Francesca Williams was killed

“I saw my grandfather on the floor with a strange man to the right, then I saw another man with my mom and she was running after him, basically fighting him,” the girl said. “Then I saw two sparks from a gun and heard gunshots.” Rachel locked the door to the home, but said the intruders forced their way in and asked her in Spanish where the “elder aunt” was, leading the teen to believe the deadly home invasion may have been a case. mistaken identity.

They were asking where ‘big aunt’ was and that doesn’t match anyone who has been on our property,” Rachel said. The men then tied up Michael Williams and proceeded to ransack the house, stealing anything of value, including computers and iPads, before fleeing. Later, Michael and her children took Francesca to the hospital, but were unable to save her.


Her adoptive mother launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for the family. So far, more than $28,000 has been donated. Bacilla wrote in the description that Francesca grew up in Poway, California, and she attended the University of California-San Diego, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics.

She was fluent in French, Spanish and Lithuanian, worked as a translator and illustrator and had published her first book. “In the small town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, Francesca’s family lived on a small farm that they were building themselves, raising chickens, goats, horses, pigs, ducks and guinea fowl, working towards sustainable agriculture. It was his humble Shangri-La,” Bacilla wrote.

The Williamses have faced many challenges while living in Ecuador, according to a fundraiser Francesca herself had launched in 2020 seeking financial help. She described in detail how she was struggling to pay for medical care for her disabled parents and to find doctors for her youngest daughter, Renee, who suffers from a rare genetic condition that stunts growth and development.


At the same time, Francesca said that she had contracted a dangerous tropical parasitic infection and ominously wrote: “I always thought that I would take care of my parents until the end. It never occurred to me that I might finish before them!” The woman’s deteriorating condition forced her to temporarily return to the US to seek life-saving treatment for her infection, but the family apparently later returned to Ecuador to resume her life in the farm.

Ecuador is where Francesca felt the safest, ironically,” Michael said. “It is quite possible that if we had stayed in the United States, she would still be with us and nothing would have happened to her or my family.” The surviving members of the Williams family plan to return to Colorado, where they still own a home, and where Francesca will rest with her birth mother, who died in 2021.Read More……

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