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A 58-year-old diner lady was heard pleading with her daughter “please don’t hurt me”, before she was stabbed to death in her west London home. a court has heard. Hanaa Bennis, 21, stabbed her abusive mother Aziza Bennis, 58, more than 30 times in Boddington Gardens, Acton, west London, on August 15 last year. Police received reports of a violent altercation between her mother and daughter after a custody dispute escalated over the son of 21-year-old Hanaa Bennis.

Neighbors heard “screams” coming from the family’s home, before police found the 58-year-old victim collapsed in the living room. Police later discovered that Hanaa Bennis had filmed the aftermath of the attack on her mobile phone, in a video showing her mother covered in blood and with a blood-smeared kitchen knife in her hands. Despite the best efforts of ambulance crews, the 58-year-old dinner lady was pronounced dead at the scene.

The mother-of-one, Hanaa Bennis, previously admitted to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility, on the grounds that her mental function was impaired. The 21-year-old had told psychiatrists that her mother had abused her for many years. Police found evidence of drug and alcohol abuse in the house.


Hanaa Bennis Age

The age of Hanaa Bennis is 21 years.

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Hanaa Bennis killed her mother

The prosecution accepted her guilty plea today and offered no evidence against her on the murder charge. The court heard that there was a custody battle between Bennis and her mother over the care of her own child. Bennis has six prior convictions for crimes including possession of a bladed item and assault.

She was sentenced to a community order for assaulting an emergency worker in 2021 and was still subject to the order when she killed her mother. A post mortem examination has found her cause of death to be multiple stab wounds. Bennis had originally told police that she killed her mother in her own defense. She also called her boyfriend and told her the same thing.


Prosecutor Edward Brown, KC, told the Old Bailey today: ‘It became immediately apparent to everyone involved in this investigation that there was significant precedent to this case.

Both psychiatric reports supported the diminished responsibility defense. However, both experts had relied on what the defendant had told them about the history of the mother-daughter relationship. The prosecution interviewed the defendant’s sister, who also detailed the abuse suffered by her and the defendant at the hands of her mother.

“Extensive social services records going back many years tended to strongly support the background details established by the sister and in both psychiatric reports.” Judge Mark Lucraft, KC, London Recorder, ordered reports ahead of sentencing on July 31. Prosecutor Joel Smith said in a previous hearing that Hanaa was involved in a “volatile relationship” with her mother.


He called the police after neighbors heard “screaming and sounds of disturbance” coming from the address and Aziza Bennis said: “Please don’t hurt me!” Mr. Smith told the court that at one point Hanaa could be heard saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Police found the victim collapsed in the living room and recovered a bloodstained knife, the court heard.

Smith said an autopsy revealed that Aziza had been stabbed more than 30 times. Police found video on Hanaa’s mobile phone showing the scene after the murder, the court heard. ‘She moves the camera around the room showing her mother covered in blood. She then shows the bloodstained knife to the camera,” Mr. Smith said. Bennis, of Uxbridge Road, Ealing, admitted to manslaughter.Read More…..

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