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This bad dad Gared Wayne Canales earned a Father’s Day behind bars. A Florida fugitive wanted for callously inciting his pregnant teenage daughter to commit suicide on his birthday has been arrested in Massachusetts, according to court documents.

Gared Wayne Canales, 34, allegedly told her daughter over her loudspeaker in April that she was “useless” and urged her to “kill yourself, just don’t say it.” The traumatized teen, who was pregnant, later cut herself and swallowed 14 Benadryl pills in separate suicide attempts, but she survived.

Canales, originally from Palm Coast, Florida, was the subject of a nationwide manhunt before he was located in New England and transferred back to Flagler County to face child abuse charges this weekend. According to court documents, Canales verbally abused her daughter during a call in April, calling her “b-h” and other derogatory names. The case was first reported by


Gared Wayne Canales Age

The age of Gared Wayne Canales is 34 year.

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Charges on Gared Wayne Canales

“You’re not worth it,” Canales told him, the victim informed the police. “I choose my girlfriend over you anyway, and I kill myself.” The next night, the girl cut her wrist with a knife, sustaining a minor injury. The next night, the troubled teen tore up a photo of herself with her father using a bat and then took a piece of glass to slash her wrist again, according to court documents.

Two days later, while riding in a car with her mother, the girl took a total of 14 Benadryl pills. Her father rushed her to a local hospital where she had a stomach pump and survived the incident.


She told facility staff that she “attempted suicide because her father said she was going to kill herself,” according to the documents. The victim then told investigators that she wanted to press charges against her father, and a warrant for her arrest was issued on April 14. Police searched for Canales at her last known address in Louisiana, but she had already fled.

Detectives located him in Massachusetts this weekend and he is now being held on $10,000 bond on felony child abuse, according to the documents. Officials issued a restraining order prohibiting Canales from contacting his daughter. According to Flaglerlive, Canales’s cousin, Jonathan Canales, is serving a life sentence for trying to kill his girlfriend and mother of his son in 2014.Read More………

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