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A Met Police sergeant “raped a 21-year-old woman at sea in Brighton during his stag do after telling her he was having a rubbish night and was meant to have fun”, a court heard. Laurence Knight, 34, allegedly carried out the attack after his group was entertained by strippers at his AirBnb in the Sussex resort. Knight met the woman in Brighton city center on July 17, 2021, while social distancing rules were still in place due to Covid-19.

They headed out to sea and were floating together, but then Knight allegedly moved her underwear to the side of her and raped her after she told him, ‘You’re getting married in two weeks.’ In her statement, the woman said: ‘I just remember that he was very uncomfortable and it really hurt. I just said ‘What?, like ‘What are you doing, stop?’ and she didn’t. The police sergeant, who was stationed at Stoke Newington police station in north London at the time, denies being raped and sexually assaulted. Prosecutor Ms. Maryam Syed said that Knight and the complainant were strangers when they met in the early morning of July 17.

“[The complainant] and her friends intended to go to the beach area and had been drinking earlier and had bought a bottle of wine and intended to share it on the boardwalk. The defendant was in Brighton for his stag party and was with a group of friends. Earlier in the evening they had been at the Airbnb property where they were staying where they had been visited by some strippers.


Laurence Knight Age

The Age of Laurence Knight is 34 years.

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Laurence Knight accused of rapping a woman

They had gone to the bars in the Brighton area. ‘During this time, social distancing rules were still in place due to COVID-19, and many bars were not open or had closed early. ‘The group containing the accused, then met with the group containing the complainant and they indicated that they were looking for another place to drink and were complaining about the lack of options.

The complainant suggested that the beach bars could remain open. The two groups ended up walking together towards the boardwalk, although there was no arrangement that they would go to the same bar for drinks. As they went, they were chatting. The defendant’s party was not familiar with the Brighton area.


“As the interactions between the groups continued as they walked on the beach, the complainant was assisting them. “She was being friendly and you will see on CCTV that at various times she shares her bottle of wine with the group, hugs members of the other group and at one point, for a moment, she held the defendant’s hand before continuing. . walk separately.

The complainant told police two days later that she did not want to go into the sea, but Knight insisted. Ms Syed said: ‘She tells the police that when they got to the promenade, the defendant wanted to go into the sea and she didn’t want to. But she tried to persuade her by telling him that it was her bachelor party, that he was meant to have fun, but that it was turning into a night of rubbish.

She explained to the police that she looked like she was going to cry, so she relented and said yes. “She didn’t want to get her dress wet, so she went into the water in her underwear. She was not touching the defendant and he was not touching her at that time, they were simply floating in the water in the same area of the sea.


The woman said in her interview: “I had my back to the shore and he came up behind me, so we were both looking in the same direction and he was behind me.” “I just remember that he was very uncomfortable and it really hurt. ‘I just said ‘what?’, like ‘what are you doing? Stop’ and he didn’t.

“He did not answer me at any time. He was completely silent and I kept saying, literally kept repeating; “I don’t like ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I told him: ‘You’re getting married in two weeks. Just stop, don’t do that’ and he just didn’t stop. ‘I did nothing. I don’t know, I think he was kind of in shock because he had changed so fast. It went from just a fun night to all of a sudden like something really unexpected.

He could still stand me on the stones. We weren’t that far away so I think I liked it… I mean you can’t run in the sea, but you just tried to get away and away from him. Then he came out of the water much faster than me, I was taking my time getting out of the water and he came out of the water and then I think he just took his clothes and left. I didn’t say anything [to my friends]’.


A member of Knight’s group came up to the complainant and said: ‘oh, Larry [a name Knight goes by] wants me to tell you that he’s sorry.’ Once Knight had left, the complainant told her friends ‘I think I need to call the police. It is an emergency, I don’t really know.’ Following Sgt Knight’s arrest the Met made a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

The IOPC determined the misconduct investigation should be led by the Met. Knight, of Leyton, east London, denies rape and sexual assault. Ms Syed told jurors: ‘The prosecution say that this defendant out on his stag night took advantage of this young woman who was clearly in drink.

‘That he used his opportunity whilst they were in the water to penetrate her against her will without her consent, not reasonably believing that she consented. ‘We say that this defendant more than most as a senior police officer understands the concept of consent and making sure it is freely given.


‘The prosecution say that being faced with these allegations, his response has been to suggest that she is the one who has touched him and then later to change that to suggest that all had done was touch her knickers, which we say is not the truth. Read More………

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