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A 75-year-old Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD claims he didn’t know what he was doing when he allegedly shot and killed his wife in the middle of the night. The Tulsa Police Department said Charles Bradley called 911 claiming he found her dead wife at her home in the early morning hours of May 1 and that he “could have killed her.”

“The man calling now says that he found his wife in the hallway. He had last seen her when they had gone to bed the night before. She has a gun, but she kept it on the nightstand, trying to start CPR,” the 911 dispatcher says in the video. “The caller now says he’s sure his wife was shot.”

Video shows officers approaching Bradley’s home and knocking on the front door. The crying husband is arrested. “Come out with your hands outstretched, keep coming. Do you have a weapon? Come outside. Get out all the way. Is there anyone else inside besides his wife? No. I’m going to have you step aside with these other officers,” an officer tells Bradley in the video.


Charles Bradley Age

The age of Charles Bradley is 75 years.

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Charles Bradley accused of killing wife

The officers then enter the house and confirm that Sandra Bradley is dead with multiple gunshot wounds.
She “she was dreaming of a fit” After police read Bradley his Miranda Rights and took him into custody, the Vietnam vet began telling officers what happened in a series of different stories. Bradley told officers that he was awakened by the alarm on his wife’s cell phone while he was dreaming.

“Tonight. In reality? What happened in the dream?” asks the police during this exchange.
“Every time they drop them there, she’s too close. I didn’t do anything,” Bradley told authorities. “Then his alarm started going off a few minutes later. I got out of bed… I couldn’t find his phone”.


The old man describes what happened next. “There was blood all over the floor and it looked like a slug lying next to it on the floor. So I stepped over her to turn off her phone and she wouldn’t budge. He wasn’t answering any calls I asked him to,” Bradley told officers in the video.

He went on to say, “I hate to say that the dreams I had had anything to do with what happened because I was in bed sleeping when the alarm went off.” The cops arrested Bradley and charged him with the murder of his wife. He pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and was released after posting $70,000 of his $1 million bail. Bradley must obey a curfew and wear a tracking device while he awaits his next court hearing next month.Read More……

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