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An 18-year-old Ohio high school student is now facing charges after he was found with a rifle and bullets stored in his car. Nolan Rosen was suspected of having a firearm after a bullet was found in the Orange High School cafeteria. You’re arresting me on a charge that’s made up! Rosen yelled at police in the released body camera footage.

Rosen claimed there was no law preventing her from having a gun in his car parked in the school parking lot. But the teenager was wrong. Pepper Pike Police responded to the school on May 2 after receiving a call that a bullet had been found in the cafeteria. The administration placed the high school on modified lockdown while police searched all students.

Nolan Rosen Age

The age of Nolan Rosen is 18 years.


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Charges on Nolan Rosen

“Come on, go out into the hall. Go ahead and line up in this hallway right here,” officers tell students during the search. Minutes into the search, Rosen approaches the officers and asks if they recovered a bullet. The high school student then says that he “he’s not a school shooter.” “He had a bullet in his pocket. But it’s not like he’s planning anything. But I didn’t know that I’m not allowed to bring a bullet. I’m not like a school shooter,” Rosen told officers.

Rosen is taken from his classroom and taken to the main office where he tells the officers that he has two more bullets in his pocket. The cops then search him as he admits to having a rifle and more bullets in the car outside him in the school parking lot. In a bizarre and often rambling exchange with officers, Rosen described the rifle he received as his 18th birthday gift as his “best friend.” The teen also spoke about why he feels the need to carry a gun and addressed school shooters.

“Everyone with a gun is not a bad person, I’m just saying. Just because he has a gun doesn’t mean he’s a criminal. The f*cking school shooters blew that sh*t up,” Rosen told officers. The cops then worked with high school administrators to decide on Rosen’s punishment. He was suspended for 10 days and later arrested on charges of possession of a deadly weapon in a school security zone.


After being handcuffed, Rosen began an argument claiming that he is being arrested based on a “made up law.” He also goes on to say that he didn’t know it was wrong to bring the gun and bullets to school. Officers booked Rosen, who posted bond and awaits a court appearance on July 5 on the charges. Sierra Gillespie of the Law&Crime Network provides a full report on this case.Read More…..

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