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Bebe Rexha had to receive ‘three stitches’ in the face after a fan’s phone hit her in the face while at a concert in New York City on Sunday. The 33-year-old singer was performing on Sunday at The Rooftop at Pier 17 on her Best F’n Night Of My Life tour. Rexha, a Grammy-nominated artist, had been performing and was heading to the front of the stage when the device struck her in the face. Authorities confirmed to that Nicolas Malvagna, 27, of New Jersey, had been arrested and charged with assault.

Seconds after the incident, Rexha, a Brooklyn native, fell to her knees with her head bowed as several crew members in her wings rushed to her aid before she was taken to the hospital. Fans immediately alerted security to the man who allegedly threw the phone, who then took it away. Other fans were quick to yell ‘that’s mugging’ as he was led away, while others started booing him and calling him an ‘asshole’.

An NYPD spokesperson said: “On Sunday, June 18, 2023, at approximately 10:00 p.m., police were notified of an assault that occurred at the Pier 17 concert space located at 89 South Street. , within the limits of the 1st Precinct. A preliminary investigation at the scene determined that a 27-year-old man intentionally threw a cell phone at a 33-year-old performer on stage, striking her in the face.


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The age of Nicolas Malvagna is 27 years.

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Charges on Nicolas Malvagna

‘The individual was detained at the scene and transferred to the 1st Precinct for arrest processing. “The assisted woman was taken by EMS to an area hospital in stable condition.” Videos posted on Twitter showed the entertainer, whose full name is Bleta Rexha, being helped offstage after the incident. As she was tended to by doctors and led behind the curtain into the venue, she waved to the audience.

“This is Bebe Rexha being carried out of the concert hall here in NYC after someone threw a fucking phone and hit her in the face as she was leaving the stage,” the Twitter user wrote alongside the clip. “We were all having a great time and so was Bebe, we were all having so much fun, I mean who would do that??? We hope you’re doing well @BebeRexha.’


A tweet from the Pop Base account read: “Bebe Rexha’s mother reveals she had to receive three stitches after someone in the audience threw a phone at her head during her concert.” Dozens of Rexha fans took to Twitter to vent about the senseless attack on the pop star.

“Bebe is literally one of the sweetest and least problematic people in the music industry, she doesn’t deserve this… some of you really need to leave her alone omg,” wrote one fan. Another Baby fan, I’m Jealous performer wrote: ‘Absolutely great show ruined by a fan throwing her phone at @BebeRexha, hope she’s okay after that.’

One fan complained about the lack of decorum on the part of the fan who threw the phone onto the stage, while another questioned why and how something like this could happen. ”The fans suck so much because ????????????????????????? What the what the why the why the fans what the hell? said the fan. Another fan called Rexha “literally one of the sweetest, no-fuss people in the music industry,” adding, “She doesn’t deserve this.”


Another fan said: ‘Bebe Rexha really deserves better…between this and the audience showing no visible signs of care. ‘Like idc if they paid $6 to come see her, at the end of the day, they have to show some respect…’ It was not immediately clear if, or for how long, the scary incident and resulting injury would sideline Rexha in the middle of her tour. She has four upcoming concert dates scheduled for next week.

They include a June 20 date at The Fillmore in Philadelphia; June 21 at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, Maryland; June 23 at the Atlanta Tabernacle; and June 24 at Hard Rock Live Orlando in Orlando, Florida. The singer recently made headlines after revealing that she gained 30 pounds following a diagnosis of PCOS. “I went to the doctor last year, and a lot of women have this and don’t know it, but they diagnosed me with PCOS, which is polycystic ovarian syndrome,” the singer said during a May 25 appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

She delved into more detail about the health issue: ‘It’s one of the leading causes of why women gain weight and are obese. ‘I literally jumped, like, 30 pounds so quickly, maybe a little bit more. But we got to just be positive and just show people love.’ In the appearance on the talk show, Rexha opened up about how she processes the public scrutiny on her weight gain in the form of social media comments.


Listen, we’re in the public eye, so that’s bound to happen,’ she said. ‘I was a lot thinner and I did gain some weight – that comes with the territory. I’m not mad about it because it is true, but when you see things like that, it does mess with you.’ She continued: ‘You don’t know what somebody’s going through, what they’re going through in their life, so it kind of is tough.’ Rexha said that she feels in current times, ‘We should not be talking about people’s weight.’

LAST MONTH, the I’m Good (Blue) artist spoke about living with PCOS while appearing on Gayle King in the House on SiriusXM. ‘It’s tough – I think for me, I’ve been definitely struggling with my weight and I’ve been struggling with food forever,’ Rexha said. She cited her past experience, noting the obsession with weight that music industry leaders had demonstrated toward her, with their suggestions.

‘I remember starting out and getting my first record deal, and ever since then, they kind of put it in my head, and they said to me when I first got signed, ‘Are you ready to get into bootcamp shape? Because you need to lose 20 pounds in order to do this career; like you have to lose weight,” she recalled.Read More…..


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