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A convicted murderer turned Wagner mercenary who was pardoned for serving in Ukraine has been accused of killing a man affectionately known as the “holy fool” upon his return to Russia. Less than a month after returning to his native South Ossetia from the front, Georgiy Siukayev can be seen on CCTV footage, posted on social media, approaching a man on the street and stabbing him.

Wagner’s group of mercenaries recruited thousands of convicts from prison to fight in the Ukraine, promising not to be imprisoned if they survived six months on the battlefield.

The president of the Russian-backed republic held a meeting with security officials on Tuesday, urging them to detain the former Wagner fighter suspected of killing Soslan Valiyev, a local man who was widely known for his eccentricities such as dancing on the street and talk With strangers. Some local media suggested that the victim had a mental disability, but his condition was not officially reported.


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The age of Georgiy Siukayevis not declared.

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Georgiy Siukayev accused of killing a man

Valiyev, commonly known as Tsugri, was killed Monday night, some three weeks after his alleged killer returned home to the breakaway republic of Georgia. Alan Gagloev, the leader of South Ossetia, called the killing a “tragedy” and said Wagner’s ex-fighter had to face justice.

The man was arrested early Wednesday morning, local prosecutors said. Tsugri, 38, was hailed by the local press as a “holy fool” and a mainstay on the streets of the local capital, Tskhinvali.
“Great tragedy for all who knew him” A former president issued an emotional tribute to the man on Wednesday.


“Tsugri was a kind and harmless guy who everyone, with a few exceptions, loved as his own family,” Eduard Kokoity said on his Telegram account, calling him a “symbol” of the capital. “The murder of Soslan (Tsugri) Valiyev is a great tragedy for all who knew him.” The suspected killer was serving a long sentence for murder in 2014, before Wagner recruited him last year, according to local news outlet Sapa on Tuesday.Read More………

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