Girl, 13 tortured by three other girls to fake party

AUSTRALIA: A 13-year-old girl who was brutally tortured by three other vicious underage girls for five hours has made an emotional TikTok video. The suspects are 14, 13 and 12 years old. The defendants, all of whom cannot be identified due to their age, befriended the victim and invited her to a house in Tewantin, near Noosa Heads, where they allegedly tied her up, burned her, stomped on her and broke bottles in face. , and knives were thrown at her, which sent her to the hospital for a week, on March 11, 2023. Girl, 13 tortured by three other girls to fake party.

The 13-year-old filmed herself lying on her bed and magnified her alleged bruises, showing her swollen face and severely bloodshot right eye as she uttered the words: “Change your name or change your mind and fuck this up.” . in a place behind her,” as Roar’s song ‘Christmas Kids’ plays in the background of the video. The three culprits were charged with luring the victim and torturing her after a gruesome video of the incident was posted online.

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Girl, 13 tortured by three other girls to fake party

The disturbing video shows one of the knife-wielding teenage suspects of hers threatening and poking her with the weapon, while another of hers repeatedly throws punches to the victim’s face. The frightened victim could be seen standing in a corner wearing only a bra and shorts. As the girl tries to leave the room, the knife-wielding girl grabs her by her hair and pulls her back. The three girls are also accused of forcing the 13-year-old girl into a shower to remove the blood from her. “Her face was so swollen you couldn’t recognize her. It looked like her head was going to explode,” her mother told the Courier Mail.


“She was stabbed in her knee, she missed her tendon, but she also has a fractured wrist.” Her mother claimed the victim tried to blame an offender after the three girls threatened to harm her family. The victim and her family are currently in hiding from the three defendants. Her distraught mother said: “I have visions of my daughter on the ground after she saw her face for the first time and the way she screamed my name.” The poor victim claimed: “She wasn’t even thinking. I didn’t care what was (allegedly) done to me. I just wanted to go home and see my little brother and my mother.”

Queensland Police said the three guilty teenagers face charges of assault causing bodily harm, imprisonment and armed robbery. “Police will allege on Saturday March 11 that a 13-year-old girl was invited into a home where she was subsequently prevented from leaving and filmed as she was assaulted, taunted and slashed with a knife for several hours,” police said. saying. They are due to reappear at Maroochydore Children’s Court at the end of March.Read More…..

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