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A Maryland man has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing a 73-year-old woman Gloristine Pinkney with a forklift, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say 20-year-old Bryce Caleb Timothy Brown broke into a Lowe’s home improvement store in Waldorf, Maryland, and stole a forklift. The man then allegedly pushed the forklift through the store’s back doors and into the parking lot of a nearby Home Depot, where Gloristine Pinkney was sleeping in her car.

Gloristine Pinkney Age

The age of Gloristine was 73 year.


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Gloristine Pinkney was killed by Bryce Caleb Timothy Brown

According to the press release, Brown hit Pinkney’s car with the forklift, waking her up and prompting her to get out and run from her. Brown then chased her with the forklift and ran her over before stealing her car and running away from her, police said.

Shortly after the incident occurred, detectives report responding to a call of a robbery in progress at Lowe’s at 12:04 a.m. m. Sunday. Upon arrival, they discovered the scene in the nearby Home Depot parking lot, where they found Pinkney under the forklift.

Pinkney was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators later determined that the victim and suspect did not know each other, although they were both from Waldorf.


Later that day, after searching for leads, authorities found the victim’s vehicle near Brown’s home. Brown was arrested and charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, assault, robbery and other related charges, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Brown is currently being held without bond at the Charles County Detention Center, and it is unclear if he has already obtained legal counsel. The investigation is ongoing.Read More……..

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