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The second university student to die in a series of gruesome attacks in Nottingham on Tuesday was named locally as England under-18 hockey star Grace Kumar. Grace, 19, was one of two Nottingham University students who were stabbed to death by a black-clad assassin on their way home from a 4am night on the town. from this morning. The shooter then killed a third person, a man in his 50s, before stealing his truck and using it to crash into three other people, police said. A man is in critical condition at the hospital.

Hockey player Grace, who has been a star for England’s youth hockey program having been selected at national level for the under-16 and under-18 teams, has been identified by locals, reports Nottinghamshire Live. Last night, Grace’s grieving family refused to comment from her home in north-east London. She attended Bancroft Independent School and was England’s top scorer in her age group for the 2018-19 season, school newsletters show.

At university, she continued to play the sport, helping Surbiton’s first women’s team to wins in the UK’s top leagues. Friend Barnaby Webber, who previously attended Taunton school, was one of three people who lost their lives in a knife and van attack in the town in the early hours of the morning. Tributes to the 19-year-old college freshmen began pouring in, as a friend said Barnaby would “always be loved.” Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan also paid tribute to Webber, describing him as a “young cricketer gone too soon”.


The talented athlete was killed while walking home from a night out with Grace, her fellow students said. The cricketer and rugby player attended the £7,890 term school in his hometown in Somerset, where the family would gather to comfort each other on Tuesday. Police arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of murder after three people were killed in the early hours of Tuesday morning. A friend of Webber’s paid tribute to him on Instagram along with a black and white image. She wrote: ‘RIP Barney. You are always loved and have a special place in my heart xx’.

The three victims are believed to have been randomly attacked and stabbed to death by a knife-wielding man dressed in black and carrying a backpack. Anti-terror police have raided two properties in Nottingham, and officers say they are keeping an “open mind” about the attacker’s motive. A raid took place around Ilkeston Road in a student area of the city this afternoon, where police were called just after 4am to report that a young man and woman had knife wounds and were unresponsive.

One student said the couple were only ‘five minutes’ from their home when they were ambushed. Another said of the male victim: ‘He was a friend of mine. He was walking home from a club like we all do and he was unlucky five minutes from home. Barnaby’s grieving father, David, 51, said only that “it was not a good time” when he was approached at the family home, before other relatives arrived with flowers. Speaking outside the family home last night, Barnaby’s maternal grandparents, Phil and Jenny Robson, had traveled from their home on the outskirts of Exeter, in Devon.


Robson said: ‘We’re still not sure what has happened at this point. Barnaby’s parents are in pieces, as you might imagine, but they are with Nottinghamshire Police officers as we speak. “We have been told not to comment until we know more. Maybe in a day or two we can say more, but at the moment we are not allowed.’ Mr Webber, a director of an IT consultancy, is believed to have called one of his son’s flatmates in Nottingham to inform fellow students of the tragedy.

Both Barnaby and the young woman murdered next to him were students at the University of Nottingham. A student from the same residences said: ‘Barnaby was a friend of mine. He was walking home from a club like we all do, they just had bad luck. They were five minutes from home and some random guy stabbed them. Barnaby had traveled home from Nottingham last month to play cricket for a local club, Bishops Hull. He had also turned out for them in an indoor league.

Grace Kumar Age

The age of Grace Kumar was 19 years.


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Grace Kumar was the second victim

The Taunton School newsletters report that he was also a talented hockey player. Barnaby had traveled home from Nottingham last month to play cricket for a local club, Bishops Hull. He had also turned out for them in an indoor league. The Taunton School newsletters report that he was also a talented hockey player. Bishops Hull Cricket Club, where Barnaby played, issued a statement on Tuesday night saying: ‘Today we learn of the death of our dear friend and team-mate, Barnaby Webber.

‘Barney was attacked in the early hours of this morning walking home with a friend after a night out on 06/13/2023 and [sic] lost his life. ‘Webbs’ joined the club in 2021 and has been a key part of our club ever since and has made such an impact in such a short time. Playing over 30 games for the club, scoring 622 runs and taking 29 wickets, the memory of him will live on. ‘As a club we would like to invite family, friends, club members and members of the town and the public who would like to pay their respects and lay some flowers at the club. TA1 5EB.’

A teammate, Jack Wall, added: ‘Rest in peace, Barney Boy. Absolutely gutted that they took you so young. It has been a pleasure sharing the wicket with you for Bishops Hull Cricket Club. You will never be forgotten mate. A second, Dan Chanter, posted a photo of cricket stumps accompanied by a photo of Barnaby and wrote: ‘I really can’t believe what happened today we had so much laugh on and off the pitch! We will miss you dearly, but we will never forget you… RIP Barnaby.’ Caroline Tucker from Old Tauntonians, a group of Taunton School alumni, wrote on Facebook: ‘Today Taunton School lost one of their newest students.


‘Barnaby Webber was at Marshall (one of the school houses) at 19, at university, and was killed in the Nottingham attacks last night.

‘A wonderful young man with much to look forward to. Our boys will miss you Barney, we live in a cruel world. After the first attack, a third body was found on Magdala Street around 5:30 a.m., who was an unnamed man in his 50s, police confirmed. At a news conference Monday night, a spokesman said the force’s current assumption is that the 31-year-old man killed the man in his 50s, before stealing his truck and ramming three other members of the public into nearby.

We got another call about another incident on Milton Street, where the driver of a stolen van had tried to run over three people. As a result, one man is in hospital in critical condition, while two others are believed to have suffered minor injuries. The van then stopped on Maple Street, where police officers stunned and detained a man on suspicion of murder. A man in his 50s was also found dead of knife wounds in Magdala Road by a member of the public. “At the moment, we believe that the suspect stole this man’s vehicle and drove it to Milton Street, where he was then taken to members of the public.


‘We are still in the early stages of the investigation. I need to determine exactly what the motives behind this attack were. Nottinghamshire Police said they are now working together with their counter-terrorism colleagues to “establish the facts” and determine the motive for the attack. They don’t believe anyone else was involved. All the relatives of the victims have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers.

Police Chief Meynell added: ‘I want to thank those who live and work in our city for their patience and understanding under incredibly difficult circumstances. We will of course keep the public informed as soon as we can say anything else. “This is a very sad day for our city and we will do everything we can for the victims and their families.” Police were called to the final incident on Milton Street at around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, where a van ran over three people who are now being treated at hospital. The man was arrested and shot at 5:40 a.m.

One man is in critical condition, while two other people suffered minor injuries. It is believed that they were waiting for a bus at the time. Nottinghamshire Police Chief Kate Meynell, speaking outside a police station in the city, said: “Police were called to Ilkeston Road just after 4am after a member of the public reported that two 19-year-olds years they had been stabbed and were not responding.


Chief Constable Meynell earlier said: ‘This is a tragic series of events which has led to the lives of three innocent people being taken and left another member of the public in a critical condition in hospital. ‘My thoughts are with all the families affected by this shocking incident, and we will be working extremely hard to understand exactly what has happened. ‘We are at the early stages of the investigation and need to determine the motives behind these attacks and will keep the public updated as soon as we are able to say more.

‘We are keeping an open mind as we investigate the circumstances surrounding these incidents and are working alongside Counter Terrorism Policing to establish the facts – as we would normally do in these types of circumstances. ‘We do have a man in custody who has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Currently, we do not believe there is anyone else involved in this incident. ‘It is safe to go into the city centre but there are a number of streets that will remain closed including Ilkeston Road, Magdala Street, Milton Street and Maple Street. This is so officers can gather evidence in order to understand what has happened.’

Witness Lynn Haggitt described seeing a man in a white van at around 5.30am on Milton Street near the Theatre Royal. She said the man looked in his mirror and saw a police car behind him, before ‘quickening up’ and slamming into two people. At 5.40am on Bentinck Road, witness Kane Brady told GB News he was woken by ‘what sounded like gunshots’ and saw a person tasered, dragged out of a van and arrested. A 31-year-old man was arrested on Bentinck Road on suspicion of murder and officers are linking the three deaths.


A man was also found dead on Magdala Road. Delivery driver Miklos Toldi, 37, and his wife Petra found the body as they headed to work in their car at around 5.30am. ‘The blood looked as if it was fresh,’ he said – adding that the victim had been stabbed. Mohammed Qasim and Nisar Ahmed, who work at Xclusive Hair Studio next door to one of the properties on Ilkeston Road that was raided today, said police also broke into the property last year. Mr Qasim added: ‘A for sale sign has been up for about two-three months. We haven’t seen anyone since.’

Meanwhile, two female university students in another property that was raided on Ilkeston Road said officers repeatedly asked them if they knew a black man who lived at the address, the Telegraph reports. Around 20 police officers – some armed with rifles – battered down the door and questioned Bella Crawshaw and her housemate Liv. Miss Crawshaw, a 20-year-old computer sciences student, said she was asked by officers if she knew of a black man who lived at the address or if she ‘hung out with one’.

The women were later released. Nottingham city centre remains locked down this afternoon, with dozens of squad cars, fire engines and ambulances on the scene. bPolice have cordoned off around 400 yards of the scene at Ilkeston Road with tape, and what appeared to be medical kit was scattered across the road. Two forensic officers arrived and appeared to dedicate the majority of their time at a bathroom and plumbing business called Willbond. The area around a white Vauxhall Vivaro van in Bentinck Road has also been cordoned off.


The van has been left short distance from the pavement with its passenger door open and what looks like a black bag on the road near the door. A witness told the BBC he saw a young man and young woman being stabbed on Ilkeston Road, close to the junction with Bright Street in Nottingham, at around 4am. The man, who did not give his name, said he heard ‘awful, blood-curdling screams’ and looked out his window to see a ‘black guy dressed all in black with a hood and rucksack grappling with some people’.

He told the broadcaster: ‘She was screaming ‘Help!’ I just wish I’d shouted something out of the window to unnerve the assailant. ‘I saw him stab the lad first and then the woman. It was repeated stabbing – four or five times. The lad collapsed in the middle of the road. ‘The girl stumbled towards a house and didn’t move. ‘The next minute she had disappeared down the side of a house, and that’s where they found her. ‘I’d say it all happened within five or six minutes.

‘The attacker then just walked off up Ilkeston Road towards town, as calm as anything.’ The man said he called the police who arrived within five minutes, before paramedics tried to revive the pair for 40 minutes. Witness Lynn Haggitt told Channel 4 News she saw a van hitting two people on Milton Street near the Theatre Royal at around 5.30am. ‘At half past five I saw a van pull up at the side of me,’ she said. ‘It was white, all white. There was a police car behind it coming up slowly, no flashing lights.


‘The man in the driver’s seat looked in his mirror and saw the police car behind him She said the white van then drove up to ‘the corner of the street and went into two people’. ‘The lady ended up on the curb, and then he backed up the white van and he went, speeded up Parliament Street with the police cars following him,’ Ms Haggitt added.

When asked if she thought the collision was deliberate, Ms Haggitt said: ‘I don’t think I should say that, but to me he went straight into them, he didn’t even bother to turn, just went back straight into them.’ When asked if the people hit were hurt badly, she said that a man appeared to have a head injury.

‘They did get him to his feet,’ she added, but said of the woman who was hit: ‘She was sitting up on the curb, to me she looked OK’. ‘I was there for 15 minutes and there was no ambulance. One of the policemen, I think, did first aid. He looked after a man on the floor.’ Ms Haggitt told BBC News she spotted the van while she was on her way to work. ‘He looked in his mirror, saw a police car behind him, he then quickened up, there were two people, two in the corner, he went straight into these two people.’


‘The woman went on the kerb, the man went up in the air, there was such a bang, I wish I never saw it, it’s really shaken me up. I went over, perhaps I shouldn’t have gone over but I wanted to see if I could help. ‘The woman was sitting up on the kerb, she looked OK. The man was laying down, but then he got up, sat on the side waiting for an ambulance. I can’t believe he was able to get up after the head wound.’ Another witness told Sky News she saw a man and woman hit by a van.

Frances, whose surname was not given, was on her way to work and was near Theatre Royal in the city centre when she saw the vehicle hit the two pedestrians. She said: ‘There was a male and a female. The female, she could speak. ‘She was in pain from the impact from hitting the ground. She had hit her head but was still able to speak. ‘Then the gentleman as well took the full brunt of the van and he had head injuries but was still awake. ‘He didn’t lose consciousness, he was still awake at that stage.’

A witness on Bentinck Road told GB News he heard what sounded like gunshots before seeing armed police arresting a man after pulling him from a white van at around 5.30am. The man was wearing a hat and the witness, who did not want to be named, could not see his face. We woke up this morning at about 5.30 in the morning to what sounded like gunshots and went to a window and there was armed police running out of what looked like an undercover car,’ the witness said.


‘And then the suspect, whoever’s in the van is then tasered and dragged out by them and then they arrested him.

‘We didn’t actually see any gunshots or anything but it certainly sounded like them with the glass all smashed in the van… I didn’t see the person who it was but I saw them arrested from behind.’ He added: ‘We saw a man pinned down on the ground and multiple armed police surrounding him and then more armed police later turned up after that.’ Student Demi Ojolow said: ‘I just saw the police shouting at him to get out of the car and get on the floor.

‘And they dragged him out of the car and he just fell on the floor. He was still pretty wrestling at the point. ‘They dragged him away and that was about it.’ bMs Ojolow said police were pointing some kind of weapons at the man but she was not sure whether it was a Taser or firearm. She did not know if the man from the van was armed. Asked what the police shouted, she said: ‘Get out of the car and get on the floor.‘Read More……..


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