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A Pennsylvania woman drove her estranged boyfriend to suicide by sending him “heinous” text messages, as well as a video of her having sex with another man while training at a US Army academy, prosecutors said. Mandie Reusch, 35, of Greensburg, 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, was arraigned Tuesday morning. She is accused of aiding the suicide of her ex-boyfriend Kevin Metzger in June 2021.

According to a statement from prosecutors, officials have been investigating Metzger’s death for two years. Authorities said Metzger’s suicide note, as well as posts on her Facebook page, detailed the confusion Reusch allegedly suffered. In a press release, prosecutors called the messages she sent to Metzger “appalling and graphic.”

Reusch’s messages began in May 2021 while Metzger was undergoing military training. The suspect was home at the time with the couple’s daughter, according to the criminal complaint. In text messages sent via WhatsApp, Reusch said that she planned to move in with another man, that the man would become the new father of her daughter and that Metzger would no longer be a part of her life.


Mandie Reusch Age

The age of Mandie Reusch is 35 years.

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Charges on Mandie Reusch

‘I hope for [her daughter’s] sake that you kill yourself. It would be better if she didn’t even know you,” Resuch wrote, according to the documents. On Mother’s Day 2021, she texted Metzger that she would have sex with her new partner, since her daughter “calls him daddy.” Another message said that Metzger would “burn in hell” and that he would be dancing on his grave.

After an argument over money, Resuch sent Metzger a video of her having sex with another man and destroyed some of her belongings. She was first accused of harassment in June 2021 when Metzger filed an initial complaint. After her suicide, those charges dropped. “In fact, I want you to kill yourself because I think you are the worst person on this planet,” she read another message. “I will make it my last wish to make sure you don’t see your daughter and that she knows who you really are,” another read.


While another said: “I hope you burn in hell and my daughter dances on your grave with her real father.” Never talk to us again. She dies slow and suffers. During the investigation, older messages surfaced. In 2020, she told him, ‘Go kill yourself.’ You’re not a real fucking man.’

Metzger was found dead on June 18, 2021, two days before Father’s Day. He was found after a friend asked police to carry out a welfare check. Messages leading up to Father’s Day show Reusch saying that she would not be allowed to see her daughter. A friend of Metzger’s told police that he had asked her to make sure the messages she was receiving “got out to the world.” After her death, Reusch removed WhatsApp from her home, police said.

‘Mister. Metzger may still be here today if those messages did not influence him and encourage him to take his own life,” Nicole Ziccarelli of Westmoreland County said in a statement. Ziccarelli described the messages as “continuous and relentless” and only ended when Metzger took his own life at the age of 37. We express our condolences to the Metzger family for his loss and the pain they have experienced since his death. We will not allow or tolerate this type of egregious behavior,” the prosecutor added.


In a 2020 article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about reopening food establishments during the Covid-19 pandemic, Reusch is referred to as a “reservations agent for a multinational alcoholic beverage company.” The article notes that at 11:30 a.m. on the day the bars reopened, she was having a pint of Guinness. She wanted to go outside and have a cold drink. She met all my expectations. It was almost like things were back to normal. Except for the masks,” she said.

According to her obituary, Metzger served in the US Army for nearly 20 years, including a stint in South Korea, where he worked on the Patriot missile defense system. After his time in the US Army, he re-enlisted in the Reserve, specializing in water purification. He is known as a “selfless and dedicated friend” who loved the outdoors and live music. At the time of his death, he was working as a bartender.

‘Above all, however, he cared passionately for his daughter. He was a devoted father, and she was an extreme light in his life,” the tribute also reads. Reusch is charged with assisting in suicide, a felony, and stalking, a misdemeanor. She will make her first court appearance on June 27 Read More……


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