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A cinematographer in Hollywood, St Johns is primarily known for successful projects including ‘Dante’s Peak’ (1997), ‘Breakdown’ (1997) and one of CBS’s most profitable shows, ‘Criminal Minds’ (2005). After a successful run with CBS, he was ousted in 2018 only to find himself embroiled in a lawsuit two years later.

The filed lawsuit also claims that St Johns “adored certain men and treated them more favorably, as long as they agreed to his attention. To those who resisted, he retaliated in common patterns, including silent treatment, social ostracism, unfair criticism , public embarrassment and, ultimately, termination”.

It was further reported that executive production team showrunner Erica Messer, executive producers Harry Bring and John Breen Frazier, director Glenn Kershaw, and unit production manager Stacey Beneville, were also aware of St Johns’ leanings, but they ignored them and continued to fire any man who made a complaint about their behavior.


In the statement issued by CRD, they wrote: “Pursuant to a three-year consent decree resolving this case, ABC Signature will pay $3 million for a class of approximately twelve people, will review and distribute policies to all ABC Signature-produced programs. , will train production and human resources employees, meet regularly with production and HR supervisors.

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Gregory St Johns Age

The age of Gregory St Johns is not known.

Gregory St Johns, Criminal Minds’ producers reach $3M settlement in harassment case

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued the producers and studios behind the longest-running CBS network drama, ‘Criminal Minds’.

Now, Walt Disney Co.-owned ABC Signature has agreed to pay $3M to settle the lawsuit that alleged sexual harassment and retaliation on the set of the CBS police drama.


The lawsuit claimed that over the span of 14 years, director of photography Gregory St Johns “used his position of power to create an unchecked hostile work environment in which he subjected production crew members to frequent sexual harassment, including touching and caressing numerous employees.”

The California Civil Rights Department (CRD)’s director Kevin Kish issued a statement on Monday, December 19, “Crew members courageously came forward to assert their right to make a living free from sexual harassment.

No matter the industry, workplace setting, or gender of the employees, companies must address credible complaints of harassment and retaliation and take action against harassers.” After investigating the matter, CRD alleged that for 14 seasons of the program, St Johns subjected male crew members to sexual harassment, including unwanted touching and caressing, and made unwelcome and threatening comments.


The suit further blamed the production house for ignoring harassment on set and for firing crew members for complaining about the harassment, as per The News & Observer.Read More…..




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