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A woman in Hawaii faces several decades in prison, but will have a chance at future release, for the brutal killing of a woman killed while her daughter was nearby. Hailey Dandurand, 26, was found guilty of murder, kidnapping and robbery by a Honolulu jury Tuesday. On Friday, the jury decided that she will be punished with life in prison with the possibility of parole. The defendant will be formally sentenced by a judge, who will determine how many years her life sentence will carry before she is eligible for parole, on November 15.

Prosecutors sought the maximum punishment under Aloha State law for the extremely violent killing with machetes and other weapons of substitute teacher Telma Boinville, 51, who was killed at a Pupukea vacation home where she worked as a house cleaner. for extra money to support her 8-year-old daughter.

“Near her body was a bloody hammer, knife and mallet,” officials wrote in a criminal complaint obtained by Law & Crime. After the murder, Dandurand and her then-boyfriend, Stephen Brown, 29, kidnapped and tied up the victim’s daughter, leaving her inside the house where the killers taunted the girl with the death of her mother.


Hailey Dandurand Age

The age of Hailey Dandurand is 26 year.

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Charges on Hailey Dandurand

The couple fled in Boinville’s van and were apprehended about seven hours later in Mililani after an intense and rapid-fire campaign on social media, according to Honolulu-based CBS affiliate KGMB, NBC affiliate KHN and NBC affiliate KFVE. of Telemundo, television stations that collectively operate under the banner of Hawaii news now.

When the murderers were apprehended, both asked to die. “He spontaneously said, ‘Just shoot me, I deserve it,'” officers said of Brown. Dandurand echoed the grim question: “Can you pull out your gun and shoot me in the head? My life is over after today.” This week, jurors decided that the woman’s life was not over.


“Please give him a chance, even if it’s 30 years from now or 40 years from now: he’s a human being with morals and values,” Sunshine Dandurand, Hailey Dandurand’s mother, pleaded, according to Hawaii News Now, arguing against the state. request for parole ineligibility. “This is a life sentence. This is the death penalty.” According to the television station, defense attorney Barry Sooalo made a similar argument: “This is the young woman, she is being asked to decide if she has no redeeming qualities at all.”

The defendant’s grandmother tried a different route. “I beg you to offer more memories,” Laree Purdy, Dandurand’s grandmother, told the jury. “Let her be an asset to Hawaii. She can do a lot of good in the future. As a citizen, she had no history of her never getting into trouble. This was not in Hailey’s nature.”

The state highlighted the brutality of Boinville’s death and what the defendant did to the victim’s son after the murder. “Where was the empathy on December 7, 2017, when Makana was bound and gagged and left in that room?” asked Assistant District Attorney Scott Bell. He then he responded. “There was no empathy, no disinterest, no affection, no compassion.“Read More…….


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