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A popular Chilean player was among the six people killed in a horrific head-on accident on Monday morning that shocked the local community. María Ignacia Celedón, known as Maru Rockets on social media, was killed when the taxi she was traveling in collided with another car on Route 9 in the Punta Arenas region of Chile, according to local reports.

The accident was caused, in part, by ice on the road and speed is also believed to be a factor, reported El Desconcierto Chile. Celedón and the four people in the other car died at the scene, according to the outlet. The taxi driver died on the way to the hospital, according to BolaVIP.

María Ignacia Celedón Age

The age of María Ignacia Celedón was 28 year.


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María Ignacia Celedón death cause

The 28-year-old’s boyfriend and friend who were also in the taxi were injured in the accident. Both are game streamers. Her boyfriend Ignacio Carrasco, known as Dime Nacho on social media, and his friend Shin Yang, known as Shinipan, were rushed to an area hospital.

The three had gone on a trip to Patagonia and were taking the taxi to the airport to fly back to Santiago when they collided with the other car, reported El Desconcierto. Celedón, who had more than 13,000 followers on Instagram and 21,500 followers on TikTok before his death, graduated from the University of Chile with a degree in film and appeared frequently on Nexoplay, the Latin American video game content channel.

The gamer rose to popularity by playing the Valorant video game that she streamed on YouTube before moving on to the streaming site Twitch. The Expogame live gaming convention, where Celedón had competed, recalled the streamer in an Instagram post on Monday.Read More…..


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