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Brave police officers managed to rescue a trucker near the Dayton airport after a local couple Elaine and Rodney Helman took him hostage. Their truck was stolen later in the evening, but after a three-hour chase, the pair were shot and killed during a standoff. Footage shows a group of Ohio State Troopers chasing a truck Wednesday morning, August 2, while exchanging gunfire with the couple in the cab.

The trucker appeared dressed in an orange T-shirt, shorts and socks, after the shooting with both hands in the air. He only suffered minor injuries. It all started when the suspicious couple was arrested by agents of the London Police Department at 1 in the morning for not having a rear light or license plate. They then fled in their car, which they later abandoned and hijacked a truck.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has released the identities of the carjackers who were involved in the kidnapping incident and were later killed in a shootout by Ohio State Highway Patrol. Elaine Helman, 51, and her husband, Rodney Helman, 54, died at Miami Valley Hospital.


Elaine and Rodney Helman Age

The age of Elaine and Rodney Helman was 51 and 54.

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Elaine and Rodney Helman was shot by cops

According to authorities, while at the truck stop, the Helmans got into an unlocked cab with no trailer attached. They managed to flee in their stolen cab with the truck driver inside. While fleeing the truck stop, a London police patrol car was struck without any injuries to the officers.

This was followed by a manhunt by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and other agencies. The flatbed truck crossed Clark, Greene and Montgomery counties before coming to a stop around 3:20 a.m. on Interstate 70 West near the access road to Dayton International Airport in the Vandalia area, according to the Daily Mail. An officer in London alleged that Rodney Helman pointed a firearm at him but did not fire.


When the Helmans were first pulled over in their stolen car, police body cam showed a dog was also in it. When asked to show the papers, Elaine said, “I just poked myself in the eye with the scissors,” meaning they are on their way to an emergency. Rodney added that his documents were in his bag and had been stolen before: “My social security, my license, everything was in that thing,” he told the police.

No officers were injured during the shooting and the case is still being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The access road to the Dayton International Airport remained closed between Interstate 70 and US 40, but it reopened after police brought the situation under control.Read More……..

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