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When Florida police found a dismembered woman in three suitcases along the Intracoastal Waterway, it was unclear if and when the killer would be caught. The victim’s name was a mystery. Investigators had to resort to doing a reconstruction of her face and released photos of her clothes and her suitcases. The answer, however, was more or less just around the corner. The victim, now identified as 80-year-old Aydil Barbosa Fontes, lived near her with her husband and alleged killer, 78-year-old William P. Lowe Jr., according to Delray Beach police.

As previously reported, witnesses separately found three suitcases with different body parts along the canal on July 21. Police said in a recently released arrest affidavit that they contained small landscaping rocks. The second of the suitcases had a sticker with the name “Barbosa”. More grisly discoveries emerged from the waterway. The next day, police found a tote bag, tied with string, containing the victim’s head. Investigators later identified Fontes through dental records.

They found a single gunshot wound behind her ear, with the exit wound behind the opposite ear. A bag slightly to the north of this was tied with the same type of string. The bag had an ashtray inside, which authorities suggested was possibly used as weight. She also had a smell of decomposition. But where could the killer be? He was very close, according to police.


Two separate couples and three men working on the roof claimed to have seen an older white man with a gold sedan circling near where another witness found the third suitcase. Roof workers said the vehicle the mystery man was driving was a Ford. One of the couples said that this stranger looked into the canal for several days before July 21. “They said that he appeared to be looking at the suitcase,” police said.

William Lowe Age

The age of William Lowe is 78 year.

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Charges on William Lowe

Witnesses claimed to have seen him approximately five or six times in a three-day period. The male witness told police that he asked the man what he was looking at. The stranger allegedly claimed to be “waiting for the big boat to come into port.” The witness, however, told him that large ships did not enter because the harbor was very shallow.


The male witness asked the stranger what ship he was waiting for. The stranger pointed to a boat crossing the canal and said, “a boat like that.” Looking flustered, the stranger immediately walked over to his car, the same previous-model gold sedan, and left the area. Roof workers claimed to have seen the same stranger on July 21, the day the suitcases were found. They described the stranger standing on the boardwalk looking at the suitcase.

“Shit,” he allegedly said, and then immediately drove off in his car. A second couple described seeing this stranger enter the waterway using a metal dock ladder. That same ladder was later tested when a detective noticed the bottom step was missing barnacles. The test came back positive for blood, police said. The stranger seemed to have a brush on a metal pole in his hand. “Witnesses stated they observed what appeared to be the subject attempting to push or scrape something in the waterway (using the brush in a downward motion),” authorities wrote.

Surveillance footage showed a white male with gray hair walking down a resident’s dock ladder at 7:04 a.m. on July 20, police said. The man then went back up the stairs and out of the surveillance area. Footage also showed him coming down the stairs later that day at 4:13 p.m.


Shirtless, the man was carrying what appeared to be a Cheesecake Factory bag that appeared to have some type of weight. He also had the same metal pole with him, authorities said. He got out of the shot and reappeared minutes later without the bag. “Subject immediately removes shoes and steps out of frame,” they wrote. The cops found a pair of shoes in the same area.

The detail of the Cheesecake Factory bag is important because police said the third suitcase contained a Cheesecake Factory bag that contained multiple landscaping rocks. Police tracked Lowe down after a detective noticed a gold Ford Taurus and checked the tags, according to the affidavit. The defendant lived just 0.1 miles from where the third suitcase was found and 0.3 miles from the dock stairs, police said.

After Miranda, Lowe allegedly claimed that his wife had been in Brazil for “about three weeks,” but he did not know how he got to the airport, police said. Detectives searched the aforementioned storage unit where they allegedly found a chainsaw, which contained blood, bone, flesh and hair, police said. Apparent blood marked the lid and also the inside of a nearby cooler.


One of the couple’s neighbors told investigators that she had not seen Fontes in a couple of weeks. The neighbor also relayed some recent suspicious incidents. In one, his dogs barked one early morning; she claimed to have heard Lowe’s apartment door open and close. That alleged activity by the Lowe’s apartment was unusual, the neighbor said.

She and another neighbor said Lowe’s sister lived in an apartment one floor above theirs. However, one of them said that he had never seen her and another said that he had not seen this sister in more than two years. One of those neighbors said he saw a trail of what he thought was “soup” leading from Lowe’s apartment door through the hallway, up the stairs and to the sister’s apartment door.

She said that this happened two or three weeks before. A maintenance manager backed up this story, saying that she cleaned the trail with a 409 cleaning agent. Officers executed a search warrant at the sister’s apartment. A mental plaque on the front door read: “The Bill Lowes.”


The cops claimed they found cleaning supplies as well as a black cover and a charger for a chainsaw inside the apartment. This was the same make as the chainsaw in the storage unit, they said. Police arrested Lowe on Wednesday. The defendant remains being held without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail on one count of first degree murder and abuse of a corpse.Read More……..

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