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A former postal worker from Colorado in blackface was caught on video terrorizing Target and Starbucks with unhinged rants about “whiteface” and politics. Ersilia Campbell walked into an Aurora Target store with her face smeared with dark makeup earlier this week, video obtained by TMZ shows.

“Lester Holt did ‘whiteface’ and nobody said shit,” Campbell can be heard telling an employee who confronted her about the offending face paint. NBC journalist Holt, who is black, dressed as British singer Susan Boyle for an episode of the “Today” show more than 10 years ago.

Campbell also demanded to see the Pride section of the store and was frustrated when shocked workers told him that Pride Month ended in June. “Oh, I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag away for good, right?” Campbell responded, presumably referring to the LGBTQIA+ Pride signature rainbow flag. “I don’t shop at Target,” she complained to herself as she strutted out of the store. But her bizarre racist behavior was far from over.


Ersilia Campbell Age

The age of Ersilia Campbell is not clear.

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Ersilia Campbell caught with black face

Later that day, Campbell posted a video selfie from a local Starbucks, where she was still in blackface and she had Donald Trump campaign stickers on her Mickey Mouse T-shirt. “I never treat myself to Starbucks since the post office got rid of me,” she said. “Trump is coming… I’m showing my ties,” she teased, leaning back to display the two stickers.

Campbell’s LinkedIn lists her as an operations supervisor at the United States Postal Service, but she was fired from it in February, TMZ reported. However, in the Starbucks video, Campbell tells the camera that she is “on her way to the office from work.” “They’ll never recognize my picture now,” she laughs maniacally, referring to the blackface.


On Tuesday, the USPS distributed a bulletin to current employees that identified Campbell as a trespasser, according to a photo obtained by TMZ. The newspaper urged workers to alert the Postal Inspection Service if she returned. Campbell has also previously criticized former co-workers of hers, whom she called “some of the loneliest, most miserable, trashy, lazy people in my life,” the outlet said.Read More………

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