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MICHIGAN: In connection with the 2022 disappearance of Heather Mae Kelley, a person of interest in jail for an unrelated crime is the prime suspect. The Michigan mother of eight was reported missing after she called her children to tell them she would be coming home soon, but she never returned.

Nearly three months after the 35-year-old woman went missing, the FBI believes she may have been the victim of a homicide. On Friday, March 31, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller III said the murder investigation led them to “a person of interest” after they explored and investigated “several different possibilities,” ABC News reported.

Heather Mae Kelley Age

The age of Heather Mae Kelleyis 35 years.


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Heather Mae Kelley accused of killing a woman

Fuller stated: “That person of interest is still in jail on unrelated charges. But at this time, we believe the investigation is continuing on the path to a possible arrest at some point in the future of the suspect. However, the Sheriff refused to release the identity of the person of interest The Portage woman’s 37-year-old boyfriend was arrested four days after she was reported missing He was arrested for relinquishing his probation and is being held in a federal prison until the end of April.

According to authorities, blood from Kelley’s hair was found in the charred remains of Kelley’s truck a day after she was reported missing. The evidence that supports the case was found by her cousin in the truck that was set on fire. Investigators then identified the blood as Kelley’s after running DNA tests.

“We think given the spring weather and how it’s getting warmer and more people traveling along the roadsides in this area where we’ve searched pretty well, we think there’s still a chance that she’s in that area and that she Spring is when someone will meet with Ms. Kelley and then contact us,” Fuller said.


Portage’s director of public safety said, “This case is really sad,” adding, “I’m very confident that we will be able to find Ms. Kelley and close this case,” according to New York. Mail.Read More……

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