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Heather Marie Frazier, a Maryland mother who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her own two-month-old son, was sentenced to five years in prison.

The sentence also includes five years probation, and her husband Jeremy Frazier received the same punishment in a recent ruling by Judge Julie Stevenson Solt.

Grayson Frazier died in 2020 from the dangerously addictive drug fentanyl. The medical team was called by the Walden Way, Maryland resident on July 3, 2020, after an infant was reported to be going into cardiac arrest.


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Heather Marie Frazier and Jeremy Frazier, will be in prison after being charged with the death of their infant son

Baby Grayson was later pronounced dead at Frederick Health Hospital, which performed a full autopsy on the child’s body. The cause of death was later established as fentanyl poisoning and the death was ruled a homicide.


Frederick County officials listed Grayson’s parents, Heather and Jeremy, 34, as the prime suspects in the case. During the investigation, the suspects and family members told officers in one of the interviews that they had been mixing the deadly drug in the same bathroom where they fixed their son’s bottles, Daily Mail reports.

“This is a tragic case in which drug addiction has destroyed a precious young life and parents face the consequences of their reckless actions,” said Charlie Smith, state attorney on the case.

Jeremy Whitney Frazier, 35, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March and Heather in August, where they will both now serve their five years in prison in the Department of Corrections, followed by another five years of supervised probation on release.


In an unrelated case, a Missouri teenager was booked on adult murder charges after a girl overdosed and died at her home on a fentanyl-laced ecstasy pill provided by the teenager.

Jacob Sayre is now on trial for second-degree murder and additional charges of child endangerment, alleged drug dealing and delivery of a controlled substance in connection with the December 15 death of Victoria Jones, MEAWW reports.

Victoria’s mother said: “I think it’s beyond pathetic that a person she knows in church, of all places, is the one who gave her the drugs that killed her. They were NOT friends at all. Let me say it one more time, they were not friends.”


Wendie Glass Jones further said: “This person Jacob Sayre has had a problem with DRUGS since he was 14 and his parents didn’t really do anything until he was 16 (early 2022) and it got out of hand.”Read More….

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